Branding Myself!

If you know me in person you know that I’m one for the marble and copper design. Everything I own from my watch, Phone case, Necklaces, Bed Sheets and even my own Laptop are Copper/Rose Gold and Marble. So this has now become me and I thought to take the next step and use it as my own branding.

As it is my last year in University, It is coming to my Graduate Fair and the end of University. I now have to look into possible job opportunities to fall into after I leave. I thought about making Business Cards for the Graduate Fair so that future employers are able to find me and my work online. When it came to designing them I thought to add the copper and marble theme I have adapted over the years to brand myself and stand out from a normal business card.

I was able to a place to make my business cards with a metallic finish for the copper. I feel this makes the cards amazing and I love the design so much more. This is also adding more of my personality into the cards so that people can get an understanding of who I am from the card itself. I then fell for a marketing trick of getting matching items. I thought it would be nice to have some notebooks and notepads out in the graduate fair for people to write what they think of my project and also if they are interested in my work they can write down their contact details for me to message them later on. I then thought this wouldn’t be compleat without a pen to write these details down.

I think I may have went a little overboard with the branding of myself, But at least at the end of the day nobody will forget my name 🙂

LoveLove Films Work Placement

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 22.50.08


After Last year of making LoveLove Films an Application for their Production Company, I then have just finished a 4-week placement with them. From Researching to BBQs we all had a lot of fun from it. I also created a little Stop Motion for their Social Media to Wish everybody a Happy Easter as you can see below 🙂 I had created a mood board of what I wanted to include, to then design it in Photoshop first and then cut it all out of coloured paper and then shot each photo. Finally placing it all together in PermierPro. I was pleased with my placement and can’t wait to graduate to work full time in the industry.

Swift #7

Yesterdays session we carried on with more Swift due to many of us handing in projects and not many people included cocopods. For this session we looked into more ways how to use cocopods and how it can be useful. we started by adding cocopods on the desktop thought the terminal. We then set up the project and made the code for making an app with a grid of names of people who has made posts. these posts were read from a page holding all the information where it was collected by using cocopods. this was quite interesting and made me wish i added this into my app design of the last project.

Inforgraphic CV

In todays session we did a bit of experimenting to what we can do for our CVs. First we got our boring written CVs with all the words and nicely laid out. We then were asked to make it the most terrible CV ever that wasn’t nice to look at. I found this interesting and straight away turned the text into comic sans. I then made all the text yellow and light blue background. This started to look really bad but still had too much order… I then found the borders and this took me back to year 6 me and recalled clip art and started adding in random shapes and images and just went mad with the text by changing shapes, fonts, sizes, colours and also word art. this truly made the CV the worse thing ever but made it more lively and interesting. I then moved on to making a new CV that is visually appealing. I looked into some graphic CVs that show the information clearly in a better way than just words. I am a design student so why have a boring wordy CV when I can design my own CV and show future employers what I can do when I put my mind to it.

Development of my Fuctional prototype

I started my application by making up all the pages and I would need and placed them together so I knew all the pages would connect from one to the other. I started with the home page screen. On this screen I placed an image of my homepage that I previously made in Photoshop in the last project. I then made the image fit the screen for a nice welcoming to my viewers to see. On this page I then have an enter button. Originally just a text button but I found it was very limit to how I could make the button look so I then changed it to an image with bold, white and capital letters as you can see above in the second image. This is a button you can click to lead you onto the next page. However, this button only appears when you come into the location of the Geocache. If the users are elsewhere the enter button is hidden and you are unable to have access to the application. The page will then look like the third image above. When the user presses enter they will then come onto a page with all of the news stories displayed in front of you like the image below. I also had this page pre designed from the last project again. I then added a Navigation bar on the top of the screen I then made this match the background but I made it a bit darker so you can see it is a different part to the page. Next I moved onto making sure all the pages match up with the screen size making sure it all fits correctly.

Design Skills

For this project I have used a lot of my own skills as well as picking up some new skills along the way. Some of these skills that I have used for this project are…

Design Skills

  • Visual Ideation 
 Wire framing 
Imagination and creative thinking
  • UI Designs Prototyping 
                 Effective Storytelling
  • Storyboard 
 Design and layout 
      Project Management
  • Scenario Design 
 Technical Skills 
          Adobe Photoshop
  • Programming 
 Swift 2 
  • Adobe Illustrator

The Attack of the Balloons

For this project I carried on to the second part of Design Iterations where I will build a Functional Prototype of my IOS mobile application. My application will be using geocached data which means you are only able to access the app while in the set location and then an alert will apper while in the geocache area. While in this area you will be able to acess the app untill you leave the area and then you will be kicked out of the app unable to gain access again untill the geocache area is entered again. Users of my applicalation should be able to use the interface and navagate thoughout the app to the relevant screens intended. Thoughout this dossier I will show the process of how the app was created and what issuses I crossed on the way during this process. You will notice thoughout the second half of this project I will kept refering to the first half to show how my ideas have come so far with constant improvement thoughout the whole project. My ideas came from nothing and mounted into something Beatiful.