Application Ideas

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-38-08For my last year at University, I have started a new unit called Developing Media Design Concepts. For this Unit, I need to plan and design a new application and then make it next year for my final end of year project. Since starting back I have had a few ideas come to mind such as…

  1. Travel application that you can link up with your friends who also travel and see what countries they may have been too, You then can bond and share photos of your travelling and also share your own advice and experience. so If you wanted to go to Italy you can see your friend Joe Bloggs has been there and you can get some first-hand experience about it and places you need to visit.
  2. A Social network for pets. So many friends make facebook profiles for their dogs and cats why not make an app where they can all join together and shear photos and comments about their pets, But also having useful info of good parks to walk your dog or pet-friendly cafes within Bournemouth
  3. Veggie scan app? An application that has a barcode scanner where upon scanning an item it would tell you if it is Veggie, Vegan, Gluten Free, Contains Nuts without having to look for it in the tiny print and help you with your dietary needs. This also comes in handy for housemates cooking and buying food for people with these dietary needs as they have no idea where to look or what to look for on the packet.
  4. Divide a bill application, instead of paying a company to take a divided sum from your bank accounts why not a app where you add in all the bills you have to pay and add in date you need to pay that bill, how often and how much. You then add how many housemates you have and can divide it monthly or for the semester. This way its all even and can be counted out correctly for each housemate to pay for there bills in one go when money comes though. also for the bill payer a reminder to pay the bills on the correct date

my next steps will be presenting my ideas in class and see what my classmates feel will be useful and what will be just a waste of time making. This will help me chose my final idea and think about better and improved outcomes for my best preposed idea.