Seeing as I am having interviews for a 4-week placement over next year I thought I would have a nice page from my web page displaying all of my best work from over the years. This is linked right at the top of my website in case visitors to my page don’t have the time to scroll to the bottom and see my WordPress Link to see all my behind the scenes work they can just see the best. This page scrolls in time order from recent to oldest so my most improved work is right at the time looking the best! I also didn’t want much writing on the page but feel my work may need more information or those who may be interested so I added a little ‘i’ button for more information and also when hovered over the date in which the work was made appears beneath the image. I hope this is of use to companies interviewing me and also is a quick view on my work and also can be used as a portfolio in said interview and I am able to walk them through my work as well. It’s also convenient as I just need a computer and type in my web address as it is all stored online so no need to remember a flash drive or laptop.

Here is a quick link to view my portfolio at your own leisure… http://christinasabine.com/portfolio.html