Photoshop Test

In the workshop today we were learning the basic skills of photoshop. We started from the start learning how to resize images and change the image preferences so they are more appealing than the original image. Then soon moved on to making this box and learning how masking can benefit our work. This was to help with the alphabet project to keep images the same size. So i imported all my images an used the making tool on the image. I then could unlink the image from the mask so the image can sit exactly where i want it to. After this i linked them back together again and moved them around the page and formed all the images in a nice grip formation. I really liked doing this photoshop task and hope to do more like this in future tasks.

photoshop1Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.25.24

Photo Alphabet Progress


For the first task of the year we had to take photos to make an alphabet, not any normal alphabet but one using objects you see on a day to day basis that are naturally occurring. So I wont be taking photos of letter on traffic signs but objects like a clock or car wheel being the letter O. We were able to work in pairs so me and my partner will take single shot portrait photos on my camera and place them together on photoshop.  So we have started by looking into a theme of items within my kitchen. As you see above we have taken the letters V and U to start of my photo collection

What are my expectations of DMD?

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 21.11.04

For my first Task I had to make a mind-map answering the question of ‘What are my expectations from 3 years studying Digital Media Design’. I think this task is so I can look to it at the end of the course and seeing what i have achieved. So I started with ‘Gaining and improving my skills on software packages. such as Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Flash, Phone Gap, Final Cut Pro and Unity 3D’. Okay so I copied this from the website but still I really cant wait to get to know all these new programs and learning new skills on the course.

Next I Wrote ‘Learning different types of coding such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery Mobile’ Out of the whole course I am mostly interested in learning how to code! I know it is going to be tough and I will pull out my hair but i just cant wait to learn how it works and create my own designs come to life.

Next I said ‘ Create my own mobile phone applications, 3D games and websites’. including ‘Ideas and theory of design’. I want to Learn how it all works and why! also use my own idea and make them become real! This goes back to coding again.Yes I want to know how to Code but in-order to create and make my very own mobile apps and websites. This is what i’m hoping to expand my knowledge in this area and carry on with this in future life.

Also ‘Work placements to help improve my skills’. In the third year I currently am planning to do the work placement so I can gain practice and know what to expect when i come out of uni and where I can set my goals to become the person I want to be.

Lastly ‘Enjoying myself! by having fun in my studies as well as working hard to achive the best I can’ What point is there doing a course you find boring! i’m planning on doing this for my Job so enjoying it means i’m not going to bet bored and hate my job when im older. This course includes lots that I enjoy doing. So why not? Have fun while I can Ay! 🙂