Collab Group Meeting

Yesterday evening I meet up with my new Group for the collaborative project. We all meet up to discuss some ideas for the comedy sketch we are going to create. As one idea came to life they seem to be bouncing back and forth between TV and Script writers. This maybe because they have more of a creative mindset with filming and thinking of creative ideas.

We all were coming up with some most random ideas. We all thought we would go along to comedy route and also include maybe tragedy… Something along the lines of something normal and ordinary mixed with something unreal and a bit out there and lastly something that is funny although it has a bit of a grim dark story behind it.

Ideas came around thick and fast from ideas of parades like come dine with me… but cludo style and people die, as in ‘come die with me’ or taken but instead of somebody’s wife been taken she just left them and the running joke of where has my milk gone? I will find you and i will kill you. But in the end we all thought parades are over done and more likely been done before.

Next we thought of disney films and how they are all lovey dovey. we should portray the truth behind them. Have the girls be moody demanding people or maybe in reality the girl dont fall in love with the price as he happened to be gay. something that dont mean life is a fairy tale and more of a hit in the face.

After that the topic was on a sketch where people aren’t that clever such as a guy doing magic tricks in the street and.. well he isnt as good as he thinks and then cutting a person in half dont go as well as he thought… Then a person that dates a girl of tinder but this girl is really stupid like a block of cheese, but he dont see it? he takes her to town and all and thinks she is amazing where in reality he just holding cheese and so on the ideas or endless.

Even thought we had tons of ideas more so than I could write about we still havent a final idea as off yet. we all agree on having it have a demonic, sinister and death threatening feel to the story line. Maybe depending on the isolation of a human and how they deal with this and question their life… we can do anything like a news report to how too videos. At the end of the day it will hopefully be something we all like.

Over the easter brake we are all going to try and come up with lots of different ideas. We now have a facebook group where we will post all our ideas onto as they come to our mind! this is a way to just write it down and then not forget them. Also this means we can all talk about it, say if it is good or bad and also make little edits to there idea! or even more add onto the ideas!. After easter we will hopefully have the final idea that we want to do ready for scripting when we are back at uni! in the meanwhile I will be catching up on jQuery and having fun with that! yay!… ha 🙂

Collab Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 17.13.46  Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 17.33.25

Today in class I learnt some basics on jQuery. jQuery is what makes the website look nice and shiny! Basically all of the funky layouts and functions on the page from how a button look to an image, jQuery can be used on anything to snazzy it up and look better. We started of the lesson by making some simple boxes. first they where all black then made one turn purple. What we had now was a fuction that when the box is clicked it would turn a different colour. I then Added lots more boxes to my page this then made it so I could click on the box and it would turn black and if I clicked it again it woule turn back to purple. This then can be used like a 8-bit paint pallet! you also could change the colours and go on. Even added a 100 more boxes would mean you have more canvas and could draw whatever you pleased to draw. This concluded my 1st jQuery workshop! This was a fun workshop and I cant wait to use more jQuery as the next project begins. Also It comes in handy with the work Im doing on the webpage currently.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 17.36.54 Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 17.24.02



Goslan, K., 2015. Workshop. Available from: Bournemouth University [Accessed on the 25th March 2015]

Collaborative Project

Today we has a lecture on our new brief for the Collaborative Project and also got to meet our new Groups!

The Aim of the Unit
To consolidate and communicate production skills and critical learning in a collaborative media project between Scriptwriting, Radio, Digital Media Design and Television Production.

In the lecture we was informed that we will be working on a live project for Channel 4. This will be a TV blarp which are made to be a short clip of a comedy sketch that are able to be made into TV shows or more later down the road.

Being DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN I will need to make a Parallax scrolling website, When I was first shown what a Parallax scrolling website is I was quite scared as I thought I would never be able to make one as good as what I see online but then after viewing a few… Not all are as good as the ones I was shown and also I will get to understand the ways of how they work though research and workshops alside self study

In my group I have…

3 TV Production…
Lindsay Haines
Anna Pledger
Anna Rawe

2 Script Writing…
Gabriel Mandal
Graziana Anita Ramundi

3 Digital Media Design…
David Watts
Howard Smith
Christina Sabine (me)

1 Radio…
Jordan Wildon

My group look to be a fun group to work with. After the Lecture we all meet up and throw some ideas around between us. We are planning to meet up again soon to gather more ideas and place them on paper. We are hoping to do this before easter 🙂