Summer 2016 has just flown by us and once again the Autumn Term has started, But this time for the Last time as I now attend my 3rd and final year of University.

For the summer I had planned to do extra work and improve my coding skills ready for my final year project. At the same time of this, I then found myself wanting to do something more with my life than being locked up in my room each day! I then suddenly booked myself an Interrail Ticket to let me travel on any train inside of Europe. On the 27th of July, I managed to convince 2 of my friends to have an adventure of a lifetime and just hope on a bus to France and then travel all over Europe for 4 weeks. The trip was briefly planned with places we wanted to visit but wanted the freedom to just up and go anywhere we pleased! I planned most of our trip as the days went by. I was often be looking out for Wifi at to book hostels in the next country and looking what trains could get us there and how what how long it would take.

I ended up going to 15 Cities in 11 different countries within Europe within our 4 weeks and not including England! This was an amazing adventure and I’m so happy to have shared this experience with my Friend. Although this wasn’t all fun and games and coursed a lot of stress without it being too planned and overall freedom is good but I feel I should have planned sleeping arrangements ahead of time. Issues such as being up at 2am looking for cheap hostels on free, slow internet was never too fun, Also when I went to book one in Copenhagen, There were none under £200 pp, pn… So I had to think of alternative options the night before which was getting a sleeper train into Sweeden and carrying onto Denmark and then that night getting a train out to then stay over in Hamburg. Even though this was stressful to do by myself I still loved the experience and knowing that I am able to get around different countries by myself.

I managed to see so much on my travels from Iconic landmarks to fantastic scenery and even the traveling on a whole range of trains was so exciting and I hope to do this again very soon and maybe extend my travel to America or evan Asia!