End of Year 2

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Above is an image taken in LoveLove with a few of their members along with BlueFish Productions, My wonderful group in creating an application for LOVE LOVE FILMS!

To end the year we had a final project show and invited our clients and friends to see our work we have spent our time doing. This was a pleasant farewell to my group and also my fellow classmates. We started the evening by setting up some laptops and iPads to show off our application along with some promotional posters and videos. When we had set up our guests soon arrived and looked through the application we have made and also an opportunity to see what applications and websites my fellow classmates have made at the same time. This was a nice little get-together and a nice way to end the year.

Over the last 2 years, I have come so far and never thought I would be as far as I am now! I came to Bournemouth University having no idea how to code a web page let-alone design one and also make applications. I am proud of how far I have come and have made some amazing friends/coworkers in the progress. Below is a photograph of Bournemouth University’s Digital Media Design 2nd Years May 2016 My amazing class of wonderful goofballs 🙂

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Finished Ideas For LoveLove

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Since we came back from Easter, Me and my group Bluefish Productions placed together an application for Love Love Films to take to shows and schools to promote their company. We came up with an amazing idea of welcoming LoveLoveLife, An application to show you a day in the life of Love Love Films. This will be used to show future clients who LoveLove as a company work. The application has changed a bit from last time because LoveLove decided they wanted the designs to match a video they had made explaining the company. But in the given time my group was able to change this to LoveLoves standards and add in everything Love love wanted to include.

The application starts with a home screen where you are welcomed by snowy the dog who is the cute adorable office dog outside of the LoveLoveFilms office. Snowy then invites you into the office to look around. You then come to the start of the office and snowy asks you to look around and tap on certain objects in the room. Each object in the room relates to the office and are things that are found within the office itself!
Starting off in the hallway you are able to click onto the chalkboard and you are bale to see clients LoveLove have worked with and also the future goals of the company. Lastly, you have a video from Love Love explaining what they do as a company though a showreel. In this room, we also added details like their pinball machine.
Next, you have the sofa when clicked you are able to read about LoveLoves amazing placement scheme and also rewards they have won by clicking the bookshelf and lastly a placement video for a nice visual view on what they can do for students. Objects in this room such as the sofa itself and the bookshelf can be found in the office but we also added cute things like a photo of snowy on holiday to show that it’s not wall work and can be fun.
LoveLove wanted some of the members of staff and their job roles in the office. So for the next two tabs we added in the members graphics and also included decks and computers to show their workplace and also hints to being in Bournemouth by adding the Bournemouth balloon outside of the window and the cat they see randomly around the office. Lastly added a video about who Love Love are.
Lastly in the kitchen, we have the last 2 members and also some testimonials from the people who work at LoveLove. Here we match how the LoveLove kitchen looks like in the office.
To finish off we have snowy saying goodbye and a link that takes you from the app straight to the LoveLoveFilms Website so you can directly to the page from the application to finish.

The problems we faced…
The app wasn’t all straightforward as we hoped. We wanted a scroll view to start with but Love Love wanted a tab bar so clients could just skip to the page they want however we tried several different ways to do this and nothing worked, and we were on a time limit so we couldn’t afford wasting more time working this out so we went by what the client wanted and made it a tab bar that didn’t show the storytelling narrative as we wanted it to.
Working with a client was amazing but also raised issues. Going to weekly meetings they said they loved everything and wouldn’t change it but all of a sudden on more than one occasion close to the deadline we received emails says to completely change the ideas and design. This coursed a lot of stress for the group but made us stronger and worked together better knowing we needed this done.
Love Love wanted us to follow their design style but when looking at the assets we were given you can tell at least 3 different people have been working on this due to different styles and we could exactly match a style when there isn’t a consistent style to follow by. Also, this made out designs not as good and wasn’t happy to change out nice designs but we needed to make the client happy.
Also, data within the app became an issue because we needed to rely on the client to give us this data but seeing as they had other work to deal with and was quite busy it took time to receive data and input on the app and this made it quite difficult to work and know if what we was doing was correct.

The advantages of the app…
Working with a client was amazing as we were able to meet each week and show our work and get some input if what we have done is good or bad and also ideas to what else we can add to the app. Such things include telling us they liked that snowy narrated and also that the cat was outside the window as this is a mystery cat that randomly appears round the office. But also when we do things wrong, We did add a skyscraper in the window but LoveLove didn’t like it as they liked being in the suburbs coastal town and not in a city so then we added the Bournemouth balloon.
Working as a group was a good experience especially working on our experiences and being a key member of the group. This meant we could meet up and work on a project and also have others by our side to help us through things if we were to get stuck with anything. Also, I loved working with my group as we were all well driven and very hard working, Either when some of us got ill and unable to come in we still have people filling in for them and doing as much as they could to make this project succeed.
Also having a good team we finished early and made a bit of promotion to mark it

Improvements I wished for the app…
Overall I love the app we had made and wouldn’t change too much, I wished we lined up a few speech bubbles better which I corrected after the hand in on snowy speech bubbles, Also little things like having all of the content included and finished would have been good. But we did comment to code so Love Love can easily fit in the data they were unable to give us. Lastly, it was a real let down not being able to make it a scrollView as it was meant to show the story of how love Love Films work as a company and it would take you through this seamless image but adding a tab bar means it looks like it don’t match as don’t look as good but this can always be fixed in the future and just because it was handed in don’t mean we can’t change it and improve it.

Coding for LOVE LOVE


Today and yesterday have been big coding days. Yesterday 2 members of the group looked into the code to make this application possible while the rest of us worked on the designs to place into the code. for the code, we have planned to make a scrolling app that allows the users to swipe from scene to scene. This is perfect and easy to do however LOVE LOVE want a tab bar so that the user can skip to the scene they desire without any of the fuss. This is perfectly easy as well, however, This problem is when you place both of these codes together they don’t seem to work and you are unable to have both using the code we have used. Looking at other apps we all have on our phones we can see the apps either have one or the other but none had both… This could be an issue and we might need to abandon one. However, we are on track and can have some time playing with code just to make sure it isn’t 100% impossible.

So today we had a class on doing application animations. This is a useful class as we will need to add some of these into the app later down the line. It was quite fun to learn how to make images enlarge and bounce on the page and same goes for the text. At the end of the lesson me and my group member, Chloe knew we could take this to the next step. We did our own experiments in making the animations more impressive. We ended up changing the text and background colours, adding back shadows and changing anything we could by using the new code we had learnt and applied the same rules so that they would work in the animations. This was a lot of fun, however, we did need to get back to creating our own code for the app.

Back to the LOVE LOVE CODE, we needed a new approach to this issue we had yesterday. After some time, we were able to work out a new way to code the app and have both the scroll view and the tab bar. This is amazing but it may be difficult to code, but we are planning to meet again tomorrow at 9am on Friday to have another day of coding and design to get lots of work done and hopefully get through this code and make it manageable. Also, we have mockup designs to throw into the code to have a rough look how it will turn out and when the code is all working we are able to show LOVE LOVE.

Lastly, we had a meeting with love love and was able to show are designs and discuss what we have done so far and what we are going to do next. This was a nice chat to have and they seem to like out designs we have so far so this is a good sign. We still need them to give us a finished script of that they want to be said on the app and also what content we should include for them. This isnt as important right so we dont need to worry just yet but hopefully we will receive these soon.

Designing for LOVE LOVE

Today we have had a massive designing session to get on with the designing for each of the scenes we have had planned. We had some mockup draw up but now we had to put them idea into illustrator to get all the designs together and ready to use in the app or at least get some images drawn up so we are able to plan the code out and see how it looks even if we have to swap out the images near the end. So we thought to stick to a continuous scene so that everything matchs up and the continuity is the same throughout.

Seeing as im more of a photoshop person its was difficult to use illustrator as i haven’t used in it over a year and ive only used it for one project so far. Although it was very frustrating to start with as I kept doing photoshop commands that Illustrator don’t support and I forgot how it was done in illustrator. Not to worry as I soon remembered the actions I needed to take to complete the work at hand and it became really easy from then on out. Until it came to after effects, Another program I haven’t used in over a year. But as soon as I loaded in the image of snowy the dog it all came back to me and was relatively easy to do after that.

LOVE LOVE gave some assets from their own animation for us to use in the app. As you may see below the Elevator scene and the pinball machine are taken from LOVE LOVE to link back to their animation to show they are connected. With the designs we had chosen to follow the same design path as LOVE LOVE and go for flat design with no strokes Just like the animation. The app with scroll scene to scene visiting different areas of LOVE LOVE and being interactive along the way. Also we have little cute snowy in each scene and we thought it would be cute to dress him up depending on what is happing in the scene. You may see above a image of all of snows toys and hats we are able to place onto him. After this we knew we wanted to animate snowy to wag his tail and move so it make the user more interated with the appplication. This was when after effects came in and we was able to make snowy a .GIF and hopefully take this though into the application.

So far with have kept on script with the designs, however improvement to these design is always advancing to make the scene more interesting to look at. We added in each scene including all the bits that will in interactive for the user. We didn’t want any black space in any of the scenes so we have added small things relating to LOVE LOVE. Such things include the status they have in the office, Snowy’s bed with bone and bowl, skeleton at the laptop and other decorations throughout the scenes. These scenes are not yet finished as we are needing to add more to the kitchen scene and also we to make sure everything fits in perfectly and fits with the design.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with LOVE LOVE with hope to show them the designs we have brought together and hopefully, they will like what we have managed to do. However if they do have an issue with any of our designs or anything we have made they will be able to let us know and we can change it before the deadline. But overall we have lots to show them and we look forward to hearing their opinions tomorrow.

Work is on its way!

Today we just had a group meeting to see what we have and how far we have come since last week as by now we all should have started with our roles.

First, we have the Code! Billy and Chole have been testing the code to make the app slide from scene to scene and also have pop up come on screen. We have managed to sort this out and make the app change scenes but when the pop-up code comes into play this tends to break the code. Not to worry we have some more testing and I’m sure we can fix this! Next task for the code will be adding in mock up designs and seeing how it flows on an iPad and also maybe adding some transitions when a new scene comes on screen. We will need to look into the sprite kit and see what fun things we can do

Designs are coming along nicely. Amy had done some good layout designs for some of the rooms and Charlotte made another cute snowy to place in the scenes. As Amy shown us her designs and it appears that the scenes don’t match as well as they should do. Some were images have depth and some were flat and we couldn’t have both in the same scene so we are planning to redo these designs. Instead of working on the scenes one by one Amy is going to have them all laid out in a row. This is so that they all lined up and follow the same design flow.We also thought it’s best to have a colour palette as lots of colours are making the app look childish. We also need to fill out the rooms more making it a lot more interactive such as the hat on the sofa is to interact with the placements they offer and the awards for what awards they have to show for the business. This makes the app more interesting and fun to play around with.

Lastly, we need some content in each scene to know exactly what is happening in each scene and what we need to include. So I and Verity place together a document saying what each scene will have to have to show certain content from Love Love Films and also some interactivity within the page telling the user all the information about the company. Over this week, I will be helping with the designs but also need to finalize where all content is going and also need to get from love love what content they want so I can place them in where is best for the app.

Overall Im so happy for my group as they have all stuck to what they needed to do today and also we found out we are the only group that have actually started putting it together. This is good but then again we are just on track to not having the last week crammed of work as I would like to finish the project early so we can test it and review it to make it the best app for hand in. So Im happy we have everything sorted and the app is coming along nicely.


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.58.51

After Tuesdays session, we had a 3-hour gap where we thought it would be good to come up with a timetable to know when things need to be done by. The problem is we dont know how long things will take and how much time we need to spend on things. Also some people in the group have Jobs, other Coursework and Social lives to maintain so we really have no idea how long people will take on some tasks. Currently, we have this very broad plan to keep too. We have alredy started with drawing up ideas and looking what code we need to use so by Monday  we hope to have started placing the code together seeing what will work and what dont and how we can overcome that. Also have the designs for the app coming alone and lastly finding out what content we can add to the app. Next week when we meet hopefully we have all started our roles and can start to see this app coming together.

Meeting with LOVELOVE

We had a meeting with love love films to catch up as this is the first time we have met them since we pitch our ideas to them before easter!

During the meeting, we discussed our idea for the add and the new timeline we have now got all planned out. They loved the ideas we had and didn’t want to change anything we thought off. They have a little animation introducing the company that they said they us the assets of this to base our designs on so they link into each other.

We then went off to content they within the app. They said they will sort out what they want to show and send it to us. They also talked about having a bit with of the people who worked there in LOVE LOVE this was perfect as we already had an idea to make the kitchen contact page to do just this. We talked about having a coffee mug each and when clicked it will tell you more about the employee. We then talked about adding the fact that they do placements for students throughout the year and wanted us to introduce this within the app.

LoveLove said something about getting their script writer in to plan out what the timeline will need to do and say but we are unsure when we will get this so currently we will stick to our plan until we get this and then we will be able to change it after our next meeting.

lastly, we talked about adding a timeline so users who dont want to go through the whole story narrative can skip to the page they are interested in without all the bother of the other pages. we then finished talking about voiceovers in the app. Currently, we dont think we are adding voice but Love Love seem to like the idea. This would be a later task and we will need to come back to this when we have a more clear idea of the app and know if a voice over would be helpful or not.

Planning for meeting with LOVELOVE

Tomorrow we have planned to go visit LoveLove Films to talk through our idea and get some feedback from the presatation on what they liked about our ideas so we can improve on them and also try and find out what they may have disliked about what we presented to them. This will help us in the long run as it means we know that that dont like a certain part of the app then we are able to scrap the idea and replace it with a new idea they will enjoy!

So before meeting them we need some tie up our ideas together so they can easily look across them and give us feed back. For this we have drawn up a few designs to give them a look at what potentiol the app has and give them a idea how we plan to make it look.  We have went with the idea of scrolling though the timeline with snowy the dog. When looking at code for this with chole we found a different way to do this. Using a Scroll view that is often found on an iphone home menu meaning we will be able to scroll from scene to scene and not a continuous scroll. we are trying both but we like the idea with scences so here are is the timeline we have so far… Love Love Life Timeline:

1) Loading page: Their clock spinning?
Clapper board transition between each scene? Look into feasibility
2) Beginning Page: Title page, Love Love Films colours and fonts
3) Scene One: Love Love Films Office
Chalk board, Pinball machine (possibly add a minigame if time allows) , cactus, lights
4) Scene Two: TV set, filming something
Clicking on the different people/equipment will tell you about the roles in the team, team can introduce themselves (possible add a minigame if time allows)
5) Scene Three: Back in the office, lots of clickable things (TV, bookshelf etc)
Bookshelf, lets you click and search through an archive of their work, TV screen
6) Scene Four: PC screen, animation (clickable animations)
Mac screen, showing editing software (After Effects), skeleton behind the Mac
7) Scene Five: Kitchen, click on coffee mugs to learn about team members
Array of cups, each one you click on links to a team member (tells you a bit about them)
8) End Page: Information
9) Snowy: When you click on Snowy, he will make sound effects and tell you a random fact about Love love Films

This is the plan we have so far and will talk to LOVELOVE about it tommorow. We also have a few questions to ask them during our visit… Questions for Love Love Films on Monday:

1) Get them to clarify what information we should prioritize in each scene, I.E when you click on the chalk board or the Mac screen
2) What level of accessibility do they want to the content of this, I.E how easy will it be to swap out new content and videos for them in the future
3) What can we have access to such as animations and assets for visuals
4) Get them to clarify the key things we should focus on
5) What they weren’t so keen on/want us to cut out
6) Which specific videos would they like us to showcase
7) Is there any specific way they want us to make the navigation work for streamlining such as making things pop out from the scene
8) Any behind the scenes content we can use and include. Also can we take our own pictures of the office.
9) Last page being a testimonial from each member of the team? You click on a coffee mug and it pops up a quote.

So now we have all of this together and I will look for the metting and will update afterward and also start on creating the app together.

LoveLoveLife Project


On the last day of term we had to present our ideas to the clients this was very scary but in the long term, it has helped us. By showing our ideas to the clients we were able to understand more what the they want from the project and also, they told us what was good about our ideas so we were able to see where they want the project to go without ideas.

After presenting we all came to the conclusion that we loved the LoveLove Film idea we had as it was different and fun to create for the whole team. However, we had to wait until after easter break to know what company we were going to design for. This was very frustrating as I was hoping to get a headstart on my workload though the holiday but unsure what project we were going to do left a lot of free time. This wasn’t the worst thing as it left time for me to work on personal projects of my own.

Easter is now over and we got an email confirming that we are doing the LOVELOVE FILMS project which is fantastic to hear as this was the one we wanted to do. We have a group meeting tomorrow at 1pm to work out where we are going from here and hopefully get off to a good start with the app we have designed.

Knowing that is is already the 11th April and this project is due in on the 11th May only means we have a month to make a really amazing app from designing all the pages, collecting all the content and also coding it all together in a nice bundle. This is so exciting and I can’t wait to get back to getting stuck in.

LoveLove Films Final

lovelovedogLove Love Life A project proposal by Bluefish Productions 14th March 2016

We first came up with an app idea to show what the company does and display the work the company has done. Untill we had the idea of turning what they do into a narritive of what they do. The app will open up showing the LOVELOVE logo then scrolls into the lovelove office. From this page you are welcomed by Snowy! there cute little office dog. Snowy will then walk though the office and walk out of the door onto a film set of lovelove film. Thoughout the walk snowy will tell you some fun facts about the comapany and also along the way you can click on items to show off lovelove films work. Then finally a contact page for the comany will be at the end.

Bluefish Productions

Bluefish Productions are a small design agency based in Bournemouth who are comprised of designers, artists and producers. We work with a range of software and processes to create innovative, exciting ideas and projects. Our work combines theory and practice into one, succinct experience. Our agency consists of six members who each play an integral part in our work flow.


Love Love Films are a multimedia production company with many stories to tell. Love Love Life embodies this passion for storytelling and transforms it into an interactive narrative experience that allows its users to engage with the company in a friendly, immersive way. The narrator of this story, Snowy the office dog, takes the user on an explorative journey through a day in the life of Love Love Films, allowing the user to get to know the company personally as if they were a family rather than a standard production company. This narrative progression will require the user to explore and immerse in the story through interactive mechanics that encaourage them to discover information for themselves rather than simply scrolling through a static display. The visuals for this application will replicate the graphic stlye that Love Love Films have already created in their ‘Welcome to Love Love Films’ video.

Engaging narrative

Talk about how our solution is a narrative experience that tells a story, as they are passionate story tellers. Interactive narrative experience

Hardware Requirements

Love Love Life will be created to work with iOS platforms such as an iPhone or iPad. For future development, this could be developed for other platforms such as Android devices, though our proposal will be developed purely for Apple devices. Love Love Films would need to provide these devices at promotional events if they desire their audience to interact with the application there and then.