Branding Myself!

If you know me in person you know that I’m one for the marble and copper design. Everything I own from my watch, Phone case, Necklaces, Bed Sheets and even my own Laptop are Copper/Rose Gold and Marble. So this has now become me and I thought to take the next step and use it as my own branding.

As it is my last year in University, It is coming to my Graduate Fair and the end of University. I now have to look into possible job opportunities to fall into after I leave. I thought about making Business Cards for the Graduate Fair so that future employers are able to find me and my work online. When it came to designing them I thought to add the copper and marble theme I have adapted over the years to brand myself and stand out from a normal business card.

I was able to a place to make my business cards with a metallic finish for the copper. I feel this makes the cards amazing and I love the design so much more. This is also adding more of my personality into the cards so that people can get an understanding of who I am from the card itself. I then fell for a marketing trick of getting matching items. I thought it would be nice to have some notebooks and notepads out in the graduate fair for people to write what they think of my project and also if they are interested in my work they can write down their contact details for me to message them later on. I then thought this wouldn’t be compleat without a pen to write these details down.

I think I may have went a little overboard with the branding of myself, But at least at the end of the day nobody will forget my name 🙂