Mind Map For App

12248451_994739957266016_188674486_oThis Is my mind map for all the different apps I could create for Chester and his issues. These are mainly all the functions that an app can do these days. From calling, Texting, editing, games, images, information and so on. Looking at the ideas I could do I need to think What I want the app to provide to deliver a service. For the app I am wanting it to support some help against the balloons. This would be placed by chester with intent to help people. The app should include a help guide with a list of things to help defend yourself. maybe make it have more then one use, with a map or even a chat room to talk to over people also on the app in the same situation.

Creating Real Personas

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 14.34.33

After creating my Personas I thought I should make the Personas look a bit better than a photo and some words. So i opened up photoshop and thought I would make my personas some profiles. Just like Facebook but not… So I started with a Facebook layout and started to mod it like my own. I made a fake website called Purple Persona. I then started adding boxes for text and page banners. Then i moves up to the web browsers and making it look like my own so it looks more realistic. I did this by adding personal bookmarks, making up open tabs, adding my own apple menu bar and also adding a URL relating to the page. Then in the page I added a search bar, Title, Cover photo and other little details. After all the touch up things were done with the main page I set onto making the profiles for each user. Adding profile images, names, Bio and info about the person and also some friends. This way you can see the persona nicely and get a real feel for who they are and makes it more modern way or looking at it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 18.02.07

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 18.02.21

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 18.01.44

App Design


Today we looked at app designs that were already created and to see what they include in order for us to see what goes into an app and how to make it look good and effective. we then got into groups to design an app each. My group got canteen meaning we had to make an app design around the BU canteen. We go as a group and thought we should base it on the iBU app using the pinkish background and Pinky boxes on top.

The home page was showing a big BU logo to link that it belongs to BU, Then a lowercase eat. We then thought instead of eat BU you can have Eat At BU but the at from eat can be uppercase so they link together. Then we have buttons inwhich relate to the 4 food places within the canteen. personally I think the logo should have a pink back to it so it can stand out from the page a bit more

Next was the page I made, for the ‘Streat’ food place. Here I went straight to making the logo just using the paint brush as this logo isnt big online. I then displayed this big at the top. Then i moved onto the food images. It was 9.30 and couldnt take photos of the food served there so I just took some off line to show what it would look like on the page. I carried on and added some text about the food. Then lastly I added pink boxes behind just like on the iBU app so that they stand out a bit more and dont all into the background. Although I wish I thought about having calorie intake on the meals and also allergy warnings and that would be nice to add and people people that need to watch what they eat.

Lastly the page of PAPA JOHNS was made. Working along side me we thought the pages should look the same but have the content that suites the restaurant, such as papa johns logo and what pizzas they sell. Again if there was more time may have added the calorie intake and allergy warnings. Also what is annoying is the boxes dont line up so if there was more time we would have made sure it was nice and straight.


Ariel Myres

vhd1398390294Name: Ariel Myres
Age: 18
Occupation: Student at Bournemouth University
Location: Bournemouth
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Photography, Horror Movies and Volleyball

Ariel has came down from Manchester to study at Bournemouth university to study Forensic Science. Ever since Ariel was younger had loved her horror movies as she believes she cant be scared of anything so she loved watching them and making her friends scared. As Ariel grown up she became fascinated with how people may have died and also by who? It was then when Ariel found a course at her college for Forensic Science she truly enjoyed her passion for looking into how people can go about killing people but what she enjoyed more was what evidence they left behind. Now Ariel finds horror movies more of a detective film rather than horror and also she has furthered her study to learn more in university.

Ariel is a strong tough girl that lets nothing scare her. She loves watching horror movies but not to be scared but to learn and find out how people got killed. But movies are not always realistic so Ariel liked to look into local case stories and other interesting topics for fun. Ariel also is fond of photography, taking photos of landscapes and textures that were applying to look at. Lastly Ariel Loved to unwind by playing volleyball with her friends on a Thursday afternoon.

Ariel found out about this invasion of Balloon-men and she finds it quite interesting, She wonders what and how they kill. Overlooking the local news she constantly sees all these deaths by balloon. and yes this disgusts her but she isn’t scared and wants to get out there and look more into it figuring out how exactly they kill. Ariel also thinks it is going to be a very interesting story to tell one day when they have destroyed all these Balloons.

Tyrone Hampton


Name: Tyrone Hampton
Age: 31
Occupation: Manager at HMV
Location: Bournemouth
Marital Status: Single
Interests: TV, Video Games and Football

Tyrone was born and raised in Bournemouth. Growing up Tyrone was always the only playing video games and some say the child within him will never die. Tyrone then finished school and went to college to study games tech, After this Tyrone had gained a job working for a shop called HMV where they sell movies, music and so much more. From working weekends to working full time Tyrone soon became the Manager of HMV. He loved his job as he was always able to see the latest movies that came out and be able to call it work.

Tyrone loves watching TV shows such as the Walking Dead, Supernatural and Game of Thrones. He enjoys the escape from reality where you can see another world and how they may live for an escape of his own world. This also applies with his love of video games, But also Tyrone loves to challenge himself. He would also challenge himself outside playing football with his mates on the weekends. This also included time chilling with his mates and sometimes afterwards they may get a pint at the pub.

Tyrone takes the Balloon-man invasion a bit like a game. Growing up Tyrone always talked about having a Zombie survival kit ready when the outbreak of zombies over takes the world. The Balloon-man are overtaking the world, They are everywhere and up to no good as they are using mind control to makes humans go out and kill other humans. Tyrone feels that he needs to get even with the Balloon-men and take back the country that belongs to the human race.

Clyff Kliep


Name: Clyff Kliep
Age: 3 years old.
Occupation: Children’s entertainer.
Born: Tescos, Bournemouth.
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Yoga, Reading and Arts

Clyff is one of all Balloon people, Since an outbreak of Balloon people in 2022, Balloon-man have floated on the earth for 3 years now and Clyff was one of the first. Now balloon-man are smarter than humans and the human race seem not to like them due to them taking there jobs and overtaking their world. However Balloon-man feel like they didn’t chose to become part of the world but also feel they are as welcome to live as much as the humans. This has lead the balloon-man to fight for there balloon rights of living in the same world. Clyff was one of a 20pk of assorted balloons, However as only came to know 8 of them and 3 of them unfortunately poped away very suddenly in the younger days when they where just starting out. Although this really upset Clyff it also frightened him. Clyff tries not to let it worry him but even day to day activities prove difficulty and wonder if he will go the same way.

As well as being king Clyff also enjoys long floats across the beach side with his friends talking about their lives for ages. He also loves to take up yoga and meditate most days. Clyff tends to get up and 5:30am to get to the local community centre for a 6am start for his yoga session.  Clyff also just wants to prove to the world what he can do for the world and make it a better place.

Clyff Believes that the humans have it wrong. The race of ballon-men can kill humans yes but humans have lack in understanding that because they are so smart they can see who is a threat to the world and who is not. But the humans just see it as we are murderers and say they are innocent to proven guilty. But if they knew what some people are capable of they would also kill them there and then. But we are good balloons and only mean well to live in a pleasant world without wars and fights. Although having no mouth it makes it hard for us to place out words across and let

Swift #4

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 09.22.07

In yesterdays workshop we carried on with making the map app on the simulator. What we did was add a GPRS signal on the map. we had add a option for the user to Allow or not the phone to view your location. If you said yes then this Blue dot will come up on your map. To make sure this works we had to make sure the user Location was switched on as we was using the simulator and not a real phone. Also we had to select where our location was AKA London. This is only because it is the simulator and cant really pick up our GPRS as we are not using a phone. With this information included you can then enter in the long and lat and it will give us the outcome of how many miles away that point is to the big blue dot which is where you are. 
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.12.44

Chester Clark

Hipster businessman taking selfie

Name: Chester Clark
Age: 28
Occupation: Market Researcher at BetterLivingCo
Location: Southampton
Marital Status: Married

Chester grow up in Essex then moved out at 19 to go to University of Bath to study Business and Management (Marketing) which landed him a job in Southampton at BetterLivingCo in which Chester has now been working for over 3 years. BetterLivingCo is a business that sell health product from Soap, Hand sanitiser, Cleaning Products and so on. Chester enjoys his job as it helps him bring in income for his new family. Just after uni Chester married the love of his life, Kelsey. They have since been blessed with a sweet baby called Hanna last year. Chester wishes to help and support his family as much as he can.

However Chester had accidentally came across some information that he should not have over heard. He overheard the CEO talking about an experiment to make the first 100% germ free Soap that they have started to test. Although this hasn’t went to plan. To make this soap they used this toxin called Nyissai, Its a nice uplifting scent and if perfect to cleanse the skin. However for an unexplained reason when this substance comes into contact rubber, that object gains intelligence until it evaporates, This toxin cant harm humans but what it can do can make the human race extinct. They just discovered that after somebody has washed their hands then if they blow up a balloon within 2-4 hours then that balloon gains intelligence, Although the toxin cant evaporate so the balloon gains stronger and develops a Brain in time. Within time the Balloon become so strong they become so hard to kill off and they also keep reproducing.

Although knowing this fact the CEO didn’t want to miss this breakthrough on achieving 100% germ free Soap. So he plans to release a trial run in Bournemouth in about 10 years time. Just so they can prevent this from happening and also see how many people it could effect. Chester knows for a fact he cant keep this from everybody but then again if he starts to tell people he is sure to be killed. He then wants to create an app that will help the residents of bournemouth to survive the balloon genius rampage that is coming.

UCD – Norman

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 14.28.36

Norman Johnson – 68 from Westbourne

Norman has lived in Bournemouth for the last 44 years in a little house in Westbourne with his wife, Barbara (62) That have been married ever since he was 26 and only daughter, Jennifer (31). Jennifer moved out 13 years ago to go to university in London and now owns her own business within London. However Norman is left alone due to his wife passing away last month in hospital. To Norman, Barbara was the most important thing in his life and he wants something to remember her by. Today is their 42nd Wedding anniversary and Norman remembers the day he proposed to her. He was 22 at the time and he took Barbara on a holiday to Bournemouth the holiday was in October and rained for most of the time. But on Sunday October 21st 1973, The last day on the holiday the rain clouds went away and the sun came out and they headed to the beach. They both got some fish and chips and sat on the bank side over looking the beach listening the the seagulls chirp. It was just perfect! He then got up and got on one knee to pop the question to marry him and of course she said yes. However Norman isn’t getting any younger and his mind wasn’t what and never wants to forget his time with his wife. With the help from his daughter he then was able to make an app that included all the photos and stories of them together. This app was also made with a geocache, so that every time he visits the place in which he preposed he can then see all these images of them together. So he could never forget.

in 2025 Norman who is now 78 has gained dementia and cant really remember much these days. He lives in a local Bournemouth nursing home called Avon Cliff. Norman often gets to go out and enjoy some fresh air. One point they normally stopped on the beach in the location by the bank side. This is infact the same bank side Norman preposed to Barbara. He then gets out his phone witch is infact the same iPhone 5 he got for his birthday 11 years ago but couldn’t bare to depart with it as this was the one his wife gave him. He then gets to this location where the geocache app opens up. He then can look though all these photos and stories about his wife. Every day Norman dose this as this is the one thing he never wants to forget, But some days he dose… But then he soon remembers with the help of this app.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 15.37.35 Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 15.36.41 Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 15.36.21

App Icon Design

24-New-iOS-7-Style-App-Icons-PSD-1Today we started back doing sessions with Kavi using Photoshop again. We looked into how different apps are displayed to be simple yet really effective. Above you can see a range of app icons and easily you can see what each app may be used for. Like the settings icon, This icon most of the time is displayed as a cog, however it has been redesigned in so many different ways yet we all can understand it is the icon for settings. Although some icons try to think out the box and do a spanner and/or screwdriver to be different but sometimes isnt as obvious as the cog. Over icons include an image of a camera so this must be an app to take photos. A image of a envelope meaning mail, So this must be E-mail and also a sun and cloud must be an app for the weather. However some are not as simple unless you know them. take a look at the one with 4 coloured circles, this is an app for the games centre on iPhone but the app icon itself doesn’t tell you that and can leave you obvious to what it is for. But seeing as most iPhones have this app people who own an iPhone tend to know what this app is.

Designing an app needs to follow a few basic guidelines such as they need to use universal images and shapes so people all across the world can recognise the icon without without a language barrier. When it first comes to making the app icon you would start with the background. The background needs to be tested that it is visible both on dark and lights backgrounds. This is because the user my have different colour backgrounds such as black, So if you have a black background on your app it wont standout on there device. The background normally is flat colour or a gradient however no transparency. This is because it loses the simplicity. However some apps make some of the background transparency to make thire apps a different sharp to other apps, but still the main icon sticks to these rules. Next you will work on the foreground by displaying an image to represent what the app is about. You will need to make it really simple so it is easy to understand and don’t over complex the user in what they are looking at. weather@3x

One task for the day to to create a weather icon for an app. I then chose a gradient that went from dark blue to light blue to symbolise the sky as it is blue across the world. I then added the umbrella on top making it stand out more with shadowing and embossment to show a simple depth to my icon. This makes a nice simple app for weather but it isnt the best design but people can tell what the app symbolises.

The next task we had to work in groups making 3 individual apps that all follow the same design progress. We looked into Utilities apps such as Calculator, Calendar and Notes/Task Lists. We then wanted to stick to some nice flat design with nice flat colours nothing too fancy but really effective. I had the task to make the Task icon. Working in my group we all didn’t want to have the same background but we did all want a box in the centre of the icon displaying what the app is about in a simple design. I then made my a turquoise colour with a white box to match the others along with some lines to indicate writing for notes and a Tick on top for the tasks you need to remember. But this could have been all lines for notes or just a tick with a box for tasks but we were on a time limit so wasn’t much room for experimental ideas.

Verity made the calculator icon in the navy blue, Simply displaying a simple calculator. However this could have been made simpler by just displaying the 4 buttons and maybe having a divide symbol, But there isnt a divide key on a keyboard so maybe do times where that is just a capital X. But again if we had more time to look and test ideas they could have been a lot better. Lastly the Calendar in which amy made. Amy went with a nice Red which is always used for calendars because the colour Red means WARNING and this is to warn you about upcoming events. I like the X marking of the days as this is what shows it really is a calendar. But if we had more time we could have experimented by just added a big number below the line. But this is really simple and not over used so it unique and I like it. Overall I enjoyed the icon creation today and think this will help me more when it comes to creating my app later on this year.