Project Mapping

In todays session we looked into how a map to portrayed to people in different ways. we started looking at maps of the world and how the map we know isn’t really correct in comparison to the word as Africa and brazil are a lot bigger and the uk is squashed upwards. We then looked into a art type of the world map when at first it may have looked like a mess of a design but when informed its the world map you can sort of see it and it comes to light. we also then looked at the London underground map. This map is known to being a very good famous map in London however it isnt at all geographically correct. This is bazaar as you expect a map to tell you where you are in the world and you dont really expect it to be wrong. Although it is wrong it dont really matter as the underground is… Underground. So above ground hasn’t really any relevance to the service as long as you get of where you intend this is just a simple easy way to read and useful to its users.

Today I looked into making a map of my trip back to my mothers house which is near Daventry, Northamptonshire. I started by drawing out my train journey all the way home. I thought this was more interesting as I always get the train and the car route would be a long straight line up the M40. Seeing as I took the train home I thought I shouldn’t label the stops I pass though by their full name but the Train station Codes they use to identify each station easily. and also the starting postcode and ending postcodes as I dont live at a train station. I placed these names all the way up my map at the correct place. I then thought to add some landmarks I noticed when passing though each one of these stations until I get home. I then thought to add the county flags but not all stations had its own flag as some shared them.

I then came to scrap my whole idea… Ish… I kept the train station codes and made them huge and listed them downwards like going down the country, Or up the country depending which way your travelling. I then made the text grey so you can see the black images I made beforehand of the landmarks. So I overlaid these ontop of the station codes. I like this last one better as it nice and organised and looks more pleasing that a random route with no map. Also I like that fact there is no route however you know there is a route of getting to A to B and passing what I see also on the way. Sometimes the simple designs are the better designs 🙂


With placements coming up I thought I should really up my game and start doing some extra work in my spear time. Currently we have started a new project where we need to work in agencies and create a product from a live brief. This is all going well and we have had a few meetings however currently we feel we need more information on the live briefs before we can even start doing anything. So while the work load isnt big I have set the task of building my own web portfolio. I feel when I apply for placements it will be better to show them a fully functioning website I have made rather than some images of pages that dont really show anything impressive.

I opened up photoshop and started planning out my idea… I thought why not make my desk that I work on so it is more personal to myself. Here I have my mac with keyboard and mouse along with my phone and notebook then a sandwich, pop and also a earphones. These where just the random things I had on my desk at the time however I added some papers under the notebook and a coffee cup to make it look a bit more used and I still plan to add more things into this image to make it feel more like me and also reasons to have more going on in my website. I then needed something to display all my information on that I want people to see, I then want to make my webpage interactive and fun to use to show of my skills. I want the users to be able to click on different things and then it zooms in on that item and displays different information depending what they clicked on.

When the Mac is clicked im planning for all my work to come onto the screen and the the user can scroll though them and see what I am good at and enjoy my projects. Next is my notebook, this I havent 100% worked out yet but maybe working Ideas… Maybe projects that havent been made yet and are still in the making but i feel this is showing my faults that shouldnt be displayed but then again im only normal and maybe it would be good to see my work process. Then you have my Phone. A phone is personal so what better thing to have than about me! this will give information about me with different apps relating to my life so the user can get to know me as a person better. Then lastly I thought I could have some silly things like clicking on coffee and have a graph of the amount of coffee I drink and maybe earphones on how much music I have listened to when working and so on just to add some nice personal touches. Finally I thought I could add some sticky notes… Although I often use digital sticky notes I still love the idea and thought I could stick them on the desk and also have one for a contact me page so that its more clear than having contact me in the about me part within the phone.

I clearly have lots to work on but im so happy with the work I have started with. I know lots has to improve and it will probably all change by next week but I have started and it all counts to the  development of my website and cant wait to see the finished thing. So now im off to start the coding to hopefully have this live online by next week.


In yesterdays session we looked into how symbols can be iconic, Symbolic or index. We looked into how an image of a dog means dog no matter where your from. we recapped how icons have physical resembles of what your intending to show. e.g. a tree, Britain or a man/woman. These images can be identified as what they are and have a understanding what they are trying to show without words. next are symbols, these are often an abstract image that stands for something. such as recycle, peace, no entry. We all know what these signs are however the don’t relate in anyway to what they mean such as the peace symbol. A circle with a line though it and 2 lines coming out of that line in no way means peace but this abstract symbol has become symbolic and we call know what it stands for now. lastly we have index, this is still an sign however this sign is only culturally correct. Such as a toilet, analog clocks and throw away coffee cups. These are all things that can be turned into an iconic sign however these have different rules because they may not exist in a different country. such as a toilet may be a simple icon to us but it is an index as some countries dont have toilets therefore would not understand this sign. Because it isn’t a universal icon it then falls into being a index.

we then looked into known brands such as cocacola, nike, apple, google and mcdonals. These logos are symbolic as they are abstract works of art that had become recognisable though out the world. No matter if no words are include or if the logo was changed if they kept the basics you could still understand what it is.

I then had a go for myself making a new sign that everybody would be able to recognise to anybody who hasnt seen it before. As you can see above I have used the symbol that is a No entry sign, However is used alot as a DO NOT ALLOW sign. Then behind the sign i anded a Penguin. This then means DO NOT ALLOW PENGUINS or No Penguins. I thought this was boring so I added a Fag in the penguins mouth. It now means DO NOT ALLOW PENGUINS TO SMOKE or No Smoking Penguins. either way works but at the end of the day you know what im trying to say though a sign.

I then moved on to making a redesigning a Brand icon. I took apple and basically swaps the symbolic apple to a iconic apple. I made it keep its leaf onto and also had a bite taken out of it so it looks the same but just changed it from a symbol to an icon.

I found todays session quite useful as I know for a fact how index icons have been used and I dont understand but also how symbol and icon signs are very useful. I recently have been to Japan where I know very little of there symbolic language. So when it is written down I have no chance of understanding it compared to if it was written in the alphabet I use in English. I came across lots of signs such as EXIT, ENTER, NO SMOKING, METRO, JR, FOOD and brands but also many more. These signs are simple and easy to understand though images so you dont need to rely on the text to explain what you need to know. However this wasn’t always true as the Japanese use symbols for there alphabet they seem to use it a lot in there signs which i was unable to understand. Not only this some some images where not clear and lots was happening so them signs also where hard to understand. Lastly some images where clearly shown but due to me not living in the country I didn’t understand. These signs are all index as the only are intended for that culture and not the world. an example is that one sign i was was of a hippo wagging it tail, I thought this was cute however little did I know it was a warning sign meaning that hippos wag there tail and to be aware of flying poo which wasn’t as present as I thought.

Design CV

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 01.42.36

Last week I had a lesson on how to make my CV the worst it could be, Well since then I have worked on the best It could possibly be! by the end of that session I came back thinking that a CV don’t have to be boring words on a page with boring information on how qualified to stack shelfs in a shop or serve drinks in a bar. I wanted to show the Employers for my placement that im not a boring person, That I can be creative and also that I love design so much I designed my own infographic CV. I feel that this will give my CV a different edge as well as being fun and interesting. Also the fact that employers get 100s of CVs in for a job, So I want mine to be remembered and stand out from the rest that way they cant not think about me when it comes to the job and I have less change of being over looked.

So for my CV I started in big bold letters! My name…. and what it is. Hard to miss you know what it is and who it is for, Simple. Next I welcome myself with a little banner along with a image cutout of myself. This was to make the CV looked more personal to me. I wasnt sure if I was keeping it at the time but all ideas that popped into my head at the time was welcomed! I then added the essentials of name, number and email address. Followed by my education from college and here at university so people can see what I have done and also what im doing that relates to a design career. I was also debating adding in my blog page because these pages show all my work and employers go do further research on my work however I feel my blog is something for me! A place where I explore Ideas and write willy nilly things where I have no worry what I write as Im not writing to an audience but just myself. Not to worry if what I say is right, Not to worry is my grammar and spelling is correct but a place where I can look back on all the ideas I had going though University and how my projects improve over the time of being here. So I think I will give it a miss to add my blog to my CV. However a moment can still arise where I feel including it may be useful.

Although I didnt ass my blog I feel my next task will be to create a webpage where I am able to show off my skills of building a website and also display all my work within the website and will all be designed by me! this will be a step forward and make me a lot more confident with code again seeing as we havent done any website coding since last year. So this will most likely we the next project I work on.

I then moved to my Skills. Now this was hard for me because im a student and im still learning and also constantly getting compared with other students that may be a little better than me however this makes me feel like I dont know enough so im always trying to keep on top and learning new and different things each day. I originally had the percentages at the bottom of the page to show how well I know each topic like Photoshop and xcode but how I mentioned before, Im still learning this so whatever I put in there is wrong and will be out dated everyday im in uni. I then added a Ven Diagram showing Design, Coding and problem solving with me in the middle. This was just to show employers that I am good at design as well as coding and also at the same time I am also good a problem solving. I though this looks good on the page but I still feel its not that important.

I then moved onto a timeline of my education but all I had was 4 things and it wasnt that interesting so i scrapped the idea to the revisit it. However this time I thought to add education along with work experiences, achievements and also life milestones of my own. So I started with 2016 at the top as I feel what I do these days are more interesting then when I got my first paper round. I stated adding when I graduated from each school and moved on to places I had worked. I thought this was a bit boring until I recalled some achievements I had made in the summers between school years. However this is a bit boring I needed to add a bit of my personal touch so I thought why not add countrys I had visited throughout the years as this shows something I love to do and also show an employer that my im up for new experiences no matter how big they are. This could turn into a conversation at an interview where I will be able to tell them what experiences I have gained from doing this, Exploring different cultures totally different from my own and also the fact that I have travelled 6,000 miles away with neither a mother or father by my side to a foreign country where I cant speak the language let alone even read the kanji symbols. This shows employers that I have independence for myself while making tough decisions, which include what country to go to but also what to do while Im there. This includes communication with locals and sometimes its not as easy when you dont know the language and  also navigation and organisation is very important as when traveling you need to know where you are going, how to get there and be sure to arrive on time. So adding travelling is key to show what sort of person i am and also what I am capable off.

Finally my intreats I added at the bottom. I thought I will use my charts in the end but for what i find intreating and also my own rating on how much I love that topic so of course what is first… Travelling with a massive 90% This is simply because I love travelling however travelling cost money and even though I love trains and flying… I hate delays and other problems that may happen when travelling. Moving onto Photography and Film, or my hobbies as I would say. I love photographing images as if they are to tool of never forgetting the moment. but at the same time capturing a fantastic image that is so visually appealing. The same goes for film both truly amazing however I feel I have nothing worth while to take images so this is again why I love travelling as I see new places and capture the moment forever. However this is a hobby as Im totally useless at it, it also helps to my more creating filler content in my work as well as inspiration in my designs and drawings. Next we have music, Growing up I listened to lots of music and this is what brought me close to some of my friends however over the years my taste has varied and is a bit over the place. Music helps me concentrate and depending on the type of work im doing the different music I listen to expanding how i think and letting creativity flow free. Up next would be Coffee… Now coffee isnt really a normal interest but it is a ball of fluff protecting your heart. Its the go to thing for all of lifes issues…. getting up and alive in the morning, getting you thought the day, helping you stay awake during essay hand ins, Coffee is my life saver. But also its a drink you have when you bump into an old friend, and also new friends for that matter. Coffee also opens new opportunities and just by leaving the house early to grab that coffee opens you up to seeing the world in a different light. But not only the drink but the smell of coffee and the taste of coffee ice cream and also coffee memories. The first time I ever had coffee was in a cake I help make with my grandma when I was little. I loved it so much I wanted to make 1000 more of them that day. So to me Coffee is not only a drink but also a social event and memories. Cinema for me is just a posh way to say I like to watch a lot of TV and films, which is very true but more about enjoying the storyline of people in all sorts of different situations but also the emotions the shows put you though. I enjoy a good horror movie as I like to work out the where the jump scares will be and watch my friends cry in fear, but also the how it makes myself feel. I like being scared when I know there is no real fear to be scared of. then on the opposite side you have Comedies where they make you feel happy and enjoy yourself while watching. But also you have the relatable dramas that dont always have a happy ever after but you build a bond with a character and know how they feel as if your not alone in the world. Then Lastly you have the Superhero films, You gain the hope that you are being protected by this person but really I love it for the fact that there are people dressed up in fancy dress that are out to kick the enemies butt! but it is so unrealistic as there are no super powers, no evil villains as nobody has that much power along with hatred for people in the world crimes like this will be at a small scale thrown into prison. Then finally you have Disney shows where you get to feel like the kid you wish you still were and pretend your taking your little sibling to see the movie and its not for you. I could go on but finally I have Puzzles. Now i love solving problems so what I love to do are puzzles as well as challenges. I would always get the newspapers and complete the sudukos witch my mother believes is witchcraft. I then so all the puzzles I find in newspapers and magazines but thats not always enough so amazing with the app store I am able to download all the apps I please and more. This also includes challenging games that make you have a timer to complete the puzzles that makes it so much more interesting 🙂

And that is my whole CV explained so far! however this could change as I will take this into uni for people to tear apart and pick out whats good and bad just to make it the best possible CV I can make in the end.

Agency Logo Designs

After yesterdays session we all thought it would be a good idea to come up with a logo for our agency called Blue Fish Productions reddy for Tuesday in our 3 hour gap where we have planned a group meeting. Over this time a few of the designs have been posted on the Facebook page.

Above are a few ideas the group have had so starting with my own designs which are the one in the bottom right corner. I first went with a nice thin text that had nice serifs, This font was called Cambria. I then choses 3 types of blue because I wanted to see how each colour blue stands out in the text and didnt have it in mind to keep these colour. I only had some simple text on my page, so I thought I should add a Fish into the mix. I started out by drawing the christian fish logo as it is simple yet effective however learning that it is the christian logo I now think we should join the ends to stop any confusion. I liked this idea but I wanted to branch out a little. Little did I know because apparently I went in the opposite direction. I had changed the font to Abadi MT Condensed Ext… This text was fatter and san serif. Also to make it include the fish again but flipped it going the other way. I didn’t intend to do the complete opposite here and just realised when writing this down. Lastly I wanted something fun! When I looked at images of fishes I thought why don’t I make the text in the shape of the fish. I then used the wrap tool on Photoshop to make the text look like a fish. Overall I like my designs but I do think they need a little tweaking before Tuesdays session and as for the colour although it wasn’t intentional I may keep the text in different colour blues however maybe not the productions as this is a little hard to read.

The other designs so far are Amys, Billys and Veritys. These guys have posted there ideas to the facebook page and are looking amazing. I can see good things for our group and im so happy that we are starting early and getting things done in the group and cant wait to do more work in our agency


Forming Agencies


For the next project (Applied Design) we have to form an agency from our classmates. After this we will get together and create and agency name and choose a live brief that suits the whole agency and also look into peoples skill sets giving them the role that suits these skills best.

We have created a name for our agency, Currently we have the name BlueFish Productions. We then have made groups to keep in contact with each other such as a Google Drive account to shear information with each other. A Facebook page for links and useful information. A Slack page to talk to one another about things easy and quickly and lastly a GitHub page where will will use later down the line so we can all have the chance to collaborate with and included our own ideas and also look at each others.

The agency group we have formed consist of 6 people and each of us have a role…

Verity Cannings – Project Manager/ Copyright

Amy Cotton – Design Director

Billy Farroll – Lead Coder

Chole Hutchings – Design and coding

Christina Sabine (me) – Content Collecter

Charlotte Eagle – Design

Each of us have chosen roles that suit our strong points but we all are all willing to help with different roles when the moment rises as we are all for helping each other and are all able to do at-least a little bit of each role.

The Chosen Briefs:

Holton Lee Centre

Geolocation Application to replace static boards (Trip planned)

LoveLove Films

Interactive display (most likely an app?)


Not particularly sure, clarify with Liam

Next week we all plan to do our research on each on of these briefs and look into some ideas we can do for the project. We will then show the rest of the group and explain our ideas to one another. After this we will work on each others idea and improve them as much as we can before the presentation.

Swift #7

Yesterdays session we carried on with more Swift due to many of us handing in projects and not many people included cocopods. For this session we looked into more ways how to use cocopods and how it can be useful. we started by adding cocopods on the desktop thought the terminal. We then set up the project and made the code for making an app with a grid of names of people who has made posts. these posts were read from a page holding all the information where it was collected by using cocopods. this was quite interesting and made me wish i added this into my app design of the last project.

Inforgraphic CV

In todays session we did a bit of experimenting to what we can do for our CVs. First we got our boring written CVs with all the words and nicely laid out. We then were asked to make it the most terrible CV ever that wasn’t nice to look at. I found this interesting and straight away turned the text into comic sans. I then made all the text yellow and light blue background. This started to look really bad but still had too much order… I then found the borders and this took me back to year 6 me and recalled clip art and started adding in random shapes and images and just went mad with the text by changing shapes, fonts, sizes, colours and also word art. this truly made the CV the worse thing ever but made it more lively and interesting. I then moved on to making a new CV that is visually appealing. I looked into some graphic CVs that show the information clearly in a better way than just words. I am a design student so why have a boring wordy CV when I can design my own CV and show future employers what I can do when I put my mind to it.