New Year! Design Iterations

Back at uni again 🙂 So back to documenting my work again. So today was the first real lesson we had on a topic we are doing called ‘Design Iterations’. The class was informed of this project a little bit on Thursday but today we was told what the project really holds.

Within the brief we was told we are to make an IOS mobile app that will include geocached data. However for the first half I will have present a proposal for an app I want to create. This will have to include how the app will look and what it will include, also describing how the app will be used and also by who? with all of this information presented in a presentation and delivered to the whole class I will also have to create a Project Dossier which is include all the most important parts of the devolvement of my application and evidence of devolving my ideas and testing what works and what don’t in order to learn from my mistakes and get the best possible outcome.

We was then given some context about the app we needed to create …
‘The year is 2025, you are walking on the beach in Bournemouth with your iPhone 5. Suddenly an alert appears – your phone has triggered a forgotten geocache, which was last updated in 2015. You decide to create a ‘visualisation app’ to extract and display its information.

My first thoughts were confused on the topic. why is it 2025 and what dose that have to do with anything? Because it is an app from 2015… so nothing makes a difference as we are living in that year? Also we have to include geocaching on the beach so will everybody’s be the same? Just so many questions and I hope to get more information on Thursday during the seamier.