Branding Myself!

If you know me in person you know that I’m one for the marble and copper design. Everything I own from my watch, Phone case, Necklaces, Bed Sheets and even my own Laptop are Copper/Rose Gold and Marble. So this has now become me and I thought to take the next step and use it as my own branding.

As it is my last year in University, It is coming to my Graduate Fair and the end of University. I now have to look into possible job opportunities to fall into after I leave. I thought about making Business Cards for the Graduate Fair so that future employers are able to find me and my work online. When it came to designing them I thought to add the copper and marble theme I have adapted over the years to brand myself and stand out from a normal business card.

I was able to a place to make my business cards with a metallic finish for the copper. I feel this makes the cards amazing and I love the design so much more. This is also adding more of my personality into the cards so that people can get an understanding of who I am from the card itself. I then fell for a marketing trick of getting matching items. I thought it would be nice to have some notebooks and notepads out in the graduate fair for people to write what they think of my project and also if they are interested in my work they can write down their contact details for me to message them later on. I then thought this wouldn’t be compleat without a pen to write these details down.

I think I may have went a little overboard with the branding of myself, But at least at the end of the day nobody will forget my name 🙂

LoveLove Films Work Placement

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 22.50.08


After Last year of making LoveLove Films an Application for their Production Company, I then have just finished a 4-week placement with them. From Researching to BBQs we all had a lot of fun from it. I also created a little Stop Motion for their Social Media to Wish everybody a Happy Easter as you can see below 🙂 I had created a mood board of what I wanted to include, to then design it in Photoshop first and then cut it all out of coloured paper and then shot each photo. Finally placing it all together in PermierPro. I was pleased with my placement and can’t wait to graduate to work full time in the industry.

Final Designs

Here is my final design, to start with I have my main page where I have the Biteable logo set onto an opaque background of food shopping with buttons leading you to the scanner or search bar. I then have the scanning page that opens up your camera and finds the barcode. If no camera or want to search you have the 3rd page where you can search names of products or type in the barcode number. Then you’ll be lead to the 4th page where you can see if any dietary restrictions are included in the product you are wanting to eat. You can change the restrictions via the 5th page by ticking the information you want to see and un-tick the information you don’t want to see.mockupbiteable

Making final adjustments to my application I had asked a few peers in my class to see what improvements I could make for my application. I started by asking what logo was the best to use for my application. We were stuck between two designs but finally set on the logo above as the bold letters stand out more and the white space makes the words legible. The logo stands strong and bold for the user to see when using the application.

It was than seen that I have not created my app icon yet and I needed to created one. At first I thought just to add the logo on a rounded square but then I thought the B from my logos that I didn’t like too much as it didn’t say the application name in it I thought would be perfect for a app icon as it isn’t too busy and is a nice clean icon for my app icon.

The next thing that was raised was the fact I haven’t created a warning massage for the users to see when using the application just to clarify that I am not liable for any problems with the allergy information as some manufactures use equipment and make food that are restricted in the user’s diet. My application will be being as factual as I can create it however it is more of a public advisory and users should be cautious using the application.

For all my allergy information for my application, I have been referencing this web page:

Technical Wireframes

For my project I have been looking into making my own databases and how it would be used to store and be easily accessible for the user to receive this data.

Here is a diagram of how my application is technically going to work. At the top you have the user, the user then uses an iPhone to then access the software which will be my application. The software will then refer back to a database that will then send information back though the software giving the user and output of a form which displays the information the user is in need off.

As my application isn’t just designs and I need to get it working technically as well as making it look good I took my designs into xcode to get a step up on what I need to think about when it come to making my application. I started by placing a mock up design in the first page and seeing how far I can create the application and see what I need to do some future research on. When creating my application, I came to find out a few errors very quickly. I started by making a search bar which I easily placed on the page but was unable to make the search feature to work and the same issue came when creating my barcode scanner. However, this is not really of an issue as now I know what I need to look into more and know what I need to learn technically to more on further in this project. I can now learn why what I have don’t didn’t work and what I need to do to make a smoothly working application.

I will use the help of the internet to help me with any coding errors that may occur and maybe make my application better and function better. I will be looking out for Open Source Code when it comes to looking at gathering products in a database. However, all images and designs used will be produced by myself.

Who could buy this application?


This application is aimed to be used when shopping in supermarkets. I then feel that a strong companies to buy this application would be the supermarkets themselves. Such companies as Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and so on. These companies would find the app useful to help their customers know what they are able to buy from there store but also be able to advertise there products though the application to the user themselves. An example of this would be the user looking at some ice cream and then below would be an offer to get 50p off at Tesco. This would incorrage the user to buy the item at that store compaired to asda and other stores.

Logo design

Looking into creating my logo for the application I started to think what other logos have been made and what will make mine stand out and look good while on the app. I then looked at barcode scanner logos as I wanted to add the idea of a barcode into my logo. I also then looked into shopping logos, food logos and many more. The outcome of looking at these logos where to design some using barcodes, shopping trolley, magnifying Glass and also a bite out of the word. I started of with the bites out of the word Biteable but it didn’t look too nice. I then had a shopping trolley with the word biteable inside and tried making it interesting by adding barcodes and magnifying glass. I played around with this idea a bit and changed it up to see what improvements I can make and what looks better then before.


I then choose what logos I liked the most and asked my peers to choose as well. The most common two were the B with bites taken out and the barcode with the name inside. I then thought how to make both of them better as I didn’t like the B as it didn’t say the name of the application. I then added the name and a barcode inside to make it more relatable to the application but when I asked my peers to say witch was the best they still said the original idea. I do like this logo but I think it can’t be the main logo but maybe more for the apps icon. Next was the barcode with the name inside. I didn’t like the how much white was on show I then thought to change it to have lower cade letters or filling in more of the white space with more lines. However, I feel this makes the logo illegible as the barcode mixes in with the text. Overall I like the lower text logo myself but I feel maybe the white space adds more strength to the logo in the end.


Working in Process

I started making my designs on Photoshop to see what I can do to make my sketch’s look good and look like an application I would like to download. I started with my Biteable logo which is the Name Biteable inside of a barcode. I then used a dark grey background and 4 boxes However, I was playing around with the corner settings of the boxes and made them look a bit less boring by smoothing off 2 opposite corners. I then made the boxes blue and pink as I just liked these colours but I knew that the colours would be changed in the end. I then when onto the scanner page. I thought all I need is a basic camera to detect the barcodes for the user. I then placed a yellow box around the barcode to show the app detecting the barcode. Lastly we have a search page for users that can’t see a barcode or the scanner isn’t working or they don’t have a useable camera to scan items. I then made a nice looking search page for the user to write in the items.

Now I have my 3 basic pages I looked back onto the Logo and didn’t like the white background I then tried making the barcode white but it didn’t match what a barcode looks like, I then tried no background and its hard to see the black barcode on the dark grey background. I then made it a light grey but I didn’t like the colour. Then I thought placing an opaque photo of a shopping trolley in the background that relates more the the application and the black logo is more visible.

I then started working on the page of the application you will see after you have scanned the barcode or searched for. I want the page to show a massive tick or cross to say if it is safe or not and then below list all the ingredients of the the product scanned. I then went back to improve some of my designs on the first page. The pages I have are the camera and search pages so I don’t need more than 2 buttons so I scrapped the 4 buttons and kept only 2 and added in simple icon relating to the pages. I also updated the camera page as it looked too alike the apple camera.

I then just stared to see what can I make better, something I think I will keep doing throughout the project. I then started working on the outcome page and thought I can’t just have a Tick or a Cross as what if it is vegetarian but not dairy free? So I thought to add both a tick and a cross and in Green and Red to stand out on the page. It then came to me the fact the user isn’t able to choose from anywhere what dietary restrictions they have to then display on this page. I though by default I can have it display all restrictions but add a button in the top right corner to change the options. Here a 5th page was made to then tick what restrictions the user may have. After this I went back to the first page and knew the pink and blue didn’t work and I thought to change it to the green and red I used on the 4th page so they match and also give the application a bit more colour.

New Gantt Chart


This Gantt chart is to help me stay on track and and have too much or too little work to do at one time. I will look at the normal things from coding to database work and also testing my project to always find improvements for my application. After Christmas I will start on placing my code together. As you can see the coding and designing of my app dose not stop until the end of the project. This is because no matter how good I feel my application is there are always improvement so I will be forever adding need code and also redesigning my work to make it the application look its best. I feel this process never ends until it has to be handed in and even then it needs improvements.