Work is on its way!

Today we just had a group meeting to see what we have and how far we have come since last week as by now we all should have started with our roles.

First, we have the Code! Billy and Chole have been testing the code to make the app slide from scene to scene and also have pop up come on screen. We have managed to sort this out and make the app change scenes but when the pop-up code comes into play this tends to break the code. Not to worry we have some more testing and I’m sure we can fix this! Next task for the code will be adding in mock up designs and seeing how it flows on an iPad and also maybe adding some transitions when a new scene comes on screen. We will need to look into the sprite kit and see what fun things we can do

Designs are coming along nicely. Amy had done some good layout designs for some of the rooms and Charlotte made another cute snowy to place in the scenes. As Amy shown us her designs and it appears that the scenes don’t match as well as they should do. Some were images have depth and some were flat and we couldn’t have both in the same scene so we are planning to redo these designs. Instead of working on the scenes one by one Amy is going to have them all laid out in a row. This is so that they all lined up and follow the same design flow.We also thought it’s best to have a colour palette as lots of colours are making the app look childish. We also need to fill out the rooms more making it a lot more interactive such as the hat on the sofa is to interact with the placements they offer and the awards for what awards they have to show for the business. This makes the app more interesting and fun to play around with.

Lastly, we need some content in each scene to know exactly what is happening in each scene and what we need to include. So I and Verity place together a document saying what each scene will have to have to show certain content from Love Love Films and also some interactivity within the page telling the user all the information about the company. Over this week, I will be helping with the designs but also need to finalize where all content is going and also need to get from love love what content they want so I can place them in where is best for the app.

Overall Im so happy for my group as they have all stuck to what they needed to do today and also we found out we are the only group that have actually started putting it together. This is good but then again we are just on track to not having the last week crammed of work as I would like to finish the project early so we can test it and review it to make it the best app for hand in. So Im happy we have everything sorted and the app is coming along nicely.


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.58.51

After Tuesdays session, we had a 3-hour gap where we thought it would be good to come up with a timetable to know when things need to be done by. The problem is we dont know how long things will take and how much time we need to spend on things. Also some people in the group have Jobs, other Coursework and Social lives to maintain so we really have no idea how long people will take on some tasks. Currently, we have this very broad plan to keep too. We have alredy started with drawing up ideas and looking what code we need to use so by Monday  we hope to have started placing the code together seeing what will work and what dont and how we can overcome that. Also have the designs for the app coming alone and lastly finding out what content we can add to the app. Next week when we meet hopefully we have all started our roles and can start to see this app coming together.

Meeting with LOVELOVE

We had a meeting with love love films to catch up as this is the first time we have met them since we pitch our ideas to them before easter!

During the meeting, we discussed our idea for the add and the new timeline we have now got all planned out. They loved the ideas we had and didn’t want to change anything we thought off. They have a little animation introducing the company that they said they us the assets of this to base our designs on so they link into each other.

We then went off to content they within the app. They said they will sort out what they want to show and send it to us. They also talked about having a bit with of the people who worked there in LOVE LOVE this was perfect as we already had an idea to make the kitchen contact page to do just this. We talked about having a coffee mug each and when clicked it will tell you more about the employee. We then talked about adding the fact that they do placements for students throughout the year and wanted us to introduce this within the app.

LoveLove said something about getting their script writer in to plan out what the timeline will need to do and say but we are unsure when we will get this so currently we will stick to our plan until we get this and then we will be able to change it after our next meeting.

lastly, we talked about adding a timeline so users who dont want to go through the whole story narrative can skip to the page they are interested in without all the bother of the other pages. we then finished talking about voiceovers in the app. Currently, we dont think we are adding voice but Love Love seem to like the idea. This would be a later task and we will need to come back to this when we have a more clear idea of the app and know if a voice over would be helpful or not.

Planning for meeting with LOVELOVE

Tomorrow we have planned to go visit LoveLove Films to talk through our idea and get some feedback from the presatation on what they liked about our ideas so we can improve on them and also try and find out what they may have disliked about what we presented to them. This will help us in the long run as it means we know that that dont like a certain part of the app then we are able to scrap the idea and replace it with a new idea they will enjoy!

So before meeting them we need some tie up our ideas together so they can easily look across them and give us feed back. For this we have drawn up a few designs to give them a look at what potentiol the app has and give them a idea how we plan to make it look.  We have went with the idea of scrolling though the timeline with snowy the dog. When looking at code for this with chole we found a different way to do this. Using a Scroll view that is often found on an iphone home menu meaning we will be able to scroll from scene to scene and not a continuous scroll. we are trying both but we like the idea with scences so here are is the timeline we have so far… Love Love Life Timeline:

1) Loading page: Their clock spinning?
Clapper board transition between each scene? Look into feasibility
2) Beginning Page: Title page, Love Love Films colours and fonts
3) Scene One: Love Love Films Office
Chalk board, Pinball machine (possibly add a minigame if time allows) , cactus, lights
4) Scene Two: TV set, filming something
Clicking on the different people/equipment will tell you about the roles in the team, team can introduce themselves (possible add a minigame if time allows)
5) Scene Three: Back in the office, lots of clickable things (TV, bookshelf etc)
Bookshelf, lets you click and search through an archive of their work, TV screen
6) Scene Four: PC screen, animation (clickable animations)
Mac screen, showing editing software (After Effects), skeleton behind the Mac
7) Scene Five: Kitchen, click on coffee mugs to learn about team members
Array of cups, each one you click on links to a team member (tells you a bit about them)
8) End Page: Information
9) Snowy: When you click on Snowy, he will make sound effects and tell you a random fact about Love love Films

This is the plan we have so far and will talk to LOVELOVE about it tommorow. We also have a few questions to ask them during our visit… Questions for Love Love Films on Monday:

1) Get them to clarify what information we should prioritize in each scene, I.E when you click on the chalk board or the Mac screen
2) What level of accessibility do they want to the content of this, I.E how easy will it be to swap out new content and videos for them in the future
3) What can we have access to such as animations and assets for visuals
4) Get them to clarify the key things we should focus on
5) What they weren’t so keen on/want us to cut out
6) Which specific videos would they like us to showcase
7) Is there any specific way they want us to make the navigation work for streamlining such as making things pop out from the scene
8) Any behind the scenes content we can use and include. Also can we take our own pictures of the office.
9) Last page being a testimonial from each member of the team? You click on a coffee mug and it pops up a quote.

So now we have all of this together and I will look for the metting and will update afterward and also start on creating the app together.

My Portfolio Website

So do you remember not so long ago I was making a personal Webpage too show who I am to employers and what I can do? Well, I basically scrapped the idea… Lots of times! I finally Finished a design and now have it online @

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 21.23.34

Just above you can see the final homepage of my website. This is a parallax website so you are able to view the site by scrolling downwards. So on the homepage, I set a nice photo of mine at first and typed my name on top with a shadow to stand out. I went through a few different photos and finally ended with this one and the horizon with the sea nicely lines up with my name and it looks cute and also has me included in the image so it makes the page look more personal.

As you scroll down you come across a number of pages such as Welcome, About me and What I do. This is to give the user all the information they may need to know about myself and also gives the user an idea of who I am, More so than what a CV could ever do. This website is covered in photos I have taken from my recent trip to Japan and other countries I have been to over the years. Also, I have added in some cute photos of myself alongside the text boxes describing me.

Right at the end I added ‘The End’ page with cute feet to leave you with. But I came to hate the idea as the web page isn’t a book and it don’t have to have an ending but more importantly I wanted potential employers to end on seeing my contact details after seeing what an amazing person I am. Using the same image didn’t fit so I used one with Beach huts as it symbolizes homes and contacts are homely. I only had written information on the page but soon changed this by adding in links to take me to my blog, Github, and Linkedin. After getting these to work I then got them to lick to a CV of mine in case they need it. However, I ended up going further and making a download button for my CVs so employers we have it loaded on their desktops straight away.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 19.54.23

I then took out the useless View CV buttons and added Download CVs. I then made the page go live for the world to see and look pretty. After getting it online being so happy I told my mates and they ended up finding spelling mistakes and links not working as well as photos. I then fixed the little bugs and boom it’s all amazing again. However, I do hope to improve the page as time goes on and It will always be better then the old one before that.


Finally getting my page online has made me happy and im glad i have achived this

Redesigning my E-Portflio

After some thought, I scrapped my other website Idea for something that will look a lot nicer than the previous web page. I then scrapped the whole idea and started again. I stuck to the parallax idea but this time, it scrolls downwards.

Here is my homepage. I have a nice photo of me overlooking the sea into the distance at Bournemouth Beach. This makes a good welcome page as I like the way my name floats over the horizon. Also, I am included in the photo so you the page have more of a personal touch. However, this means its the only photo I have used on my site that isn’t my own photo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.01.16

As you scroll down the page you will come across lots information about myself and who I am and what I like doing along with images I have taken myself from around the world from places I have traveled too.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.57.03

Then finally you have the last page. This page don’t have a lot going for it and I’m unsure if I will keep it but I like the fact that it ends with a nice image of shoes as I sat on the beach. But after I do some more work on the page and add more information into it then I’ll see if there is any point in keeping this page. I could add the contact page here instead but I will see what works best by Trail and Error.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.57.25

LoveLoveLife Project


On the last day of term we had to present our ideas to the clients this was very scary but in the long term, it has helped us. By showing our ideas to the clients we were able to understand more what the they want from the project and also, they told us what was good about our ideas so we were able to see where they want the project to go without ideas.

After presenting we all came to the conclusion that we loved the LoveLove Film idea we had as it was different and fun to create for the whole team. However, we had to wait until after easter break to know what company we were going to design for. This was very frustrating as I was hoping to get a headstart on my workload though the holiday but unsure what project we were going to do left a lot of free time. This wasn’t the worst thing as it left time for me to work on personal projects of my own.

Easter is now over and we got an email confirming that we are doing the LOVELOVE FILMS project which is fantastic to hear as this was the one we wanted to do. We have a group meeting tomorrow at 1pm to work out where we are going from here and hopefully get off to a good start with the app we have designed.

Knowing that is is already the 11th April and this project is due in on the 11th May only means we have a month to make a really amazing app from designing all the pages, collecting all the content and also coding it all together in a nice bundle. This is so exciting and I can’t wait to get back to getting stuck in.