Target Audience

The intended users for my application would be people or family/friends of people who have certain dietary needs they need to accommodate for in their meals, snacks and drinks. This age group would be roughly around 12-65 year olds. I will be testing my application out to this age group with these dietary needs or knows somebody that has these needs.

Here I have created some persons that would use my application for their own use and would find the application useful

Mock ups

When it came to designing how I want my application I thought about the research of the other applications I had looked at and I thought about why them applications have failed and don’t work and what I can do to make it better! So I knew I wanted it to look nice and simple to use so that the user is able to easily navigate through the application with no instructions in how to no matter of the age of the user or how technical advanced they are. I also wanted to make my application look visually appealing for better user experience. I knew my app needed a homepage that linked you to a scanner that then displayed text if the food was safe for the user to consume. I then thought about how the user would use the application so in image no.2 I draw out a user picking up a packet of crisps and then scanning it in the store to see if they are able to eat it or not. I then was made aware I need a disclaimer on my app saying that the information that is produced may not be 100% correct. I then made a more detailed sketch and also a colorful version to show how I want the application to look however I don’t think I will keep to this colour scheme. I then thought It was time to take my designs into Photoshop to make them look better and give a real look into how I want the application to look like in the end.

Drawn Mock Ups


Here I have just tried to get my ideas onto paper. When thinking about my app I have come across that i will need to place an advisory notice when the app starts up just to claim that the app may not be a 100% correct. I then tried thinking how I want the app to look. I was thinking to make the app with a barcode scanner but I needed more pages and thought I might have if I have more time, add a news feed for people to post onto the pages good useful info about food and where they can find what others may have found. I then thought to draw out where the app would most likely be used. so for an example I have somebody looking at a packet of chicken-flavored crisps in the supermarket. They then go to their phone and scan the packet to then have the barcode scanned and a green tick has come up on the screen of the phone to say yes this item is veggie for this user so they can go ahead and eat it.

Lego Lesson

So today in class we had a seminar on developing out apps however the lesson didn’t turn out how I had expected it to. My teacher had come in with lego… and I’m still not too sure why? but it was a fun lesson. Here we were to ask to create a metaphor for our app out of  the lego bricks. I was really unsure what to make to start with… So I grabbed the white and black bricks to make a barcode but this was too simple and boring. I ended up expanding on the idea and make lego more tell the objective of my app than a metaphor. Here you have Terrence who has a nut allergy, So this app is perfect for him. What Terrence can do now is use the barcode scanner to scan the food to see if it contains nuts or not and then he will get a red or green light indicating if it is safe for him to eat or not. This lesson was fun and interesting and come out with a funky lego piece.

App Name Generation

Looking at app names for my App I need to chose a final one that I want to go by. Before I called my app VeggieScan but I don’t want to just appeal to Vegetarians but all people with dietary needs. But I also want it to be fun and playful and not boring like the apps i have previously looked at before. I started by making a list of names relating to my app… Nutritive, Herbal, Dietary, Food, Selection, Ingredients. These are not names and I was just thinking of different categories my app falls into. I then just kept loving the name veggieScan and thought to change the word veggie to VitaScan or Vitable. This then made me think of Eatable, Biteable, Grub Scanner, VitaBite and so on but now I need to finalize my name. I then googled the final 4 names to see if anything like them already existed…

First I looked at Eatable and it happened to be an application just like the one I am waiting to make with the name I wanted to use. This was a bit upsetting but I knew my idea had to be done before. But I plan off making a better one off this application anyway. However, I planned to research the app it was nowhere to be found on the app store and no sight of a download app button so unforcedly I can’t see how this app functions or even if it exists yet in the app community. I also did this with my last name idea ‘VeggieScan’ And received the same results but this app was discontinued and wasn’t taken further.

as for biteable and Grubscanner they are tech websites and vitabite is a german low cal chocolate bar. Meaning none of these names are taken and possibly could be used for my application name. I think I will take a little longer and get some user testing on what name is liked better and explains the app mostly but also fun and exciting to download more 🙂

App Reserch

Since deciding I want to create a dietary application I thought I should put in some research into what apps already exist matching the same criteria to what I plan to do. I came by 3 applications on the appStore called ContentCheacker USA, AllergyScan and FoodScan.

The first application I came across as an American based app called ContentCheacker USA. I liked the green colour scheme and design of the app on first glance. I then was welcomed with a page with nice looking toggles to choose what allergies you may have. I then choose that I had Fish, Milk and Nut allergies. I then continued to the next page… However, The app force quit on me. I then reloaded it up and from there I was unable to see how useful the app could have been unfortchantly. But I did get to see some of the design and I quickly took a screenshot of the screen before it quit suddenly. From the screenshot I can see a list of products with ticks and one with a warning being ‘Hazelnut INTERNATI…’ This is most likely because I said I was allergic to nuts and wouldn’t be able to eat anything with hazelnut in it. I like that you can see most scanned items and also new products, but it was a shame I can’t use this app due to force closure.

The second app I tested was a bit better and was called AllergySnap. I thought this was very relatable to my application with the allergy and the scanning. I then typed in what I’m allergic to which I said eggs, milk and nuts. it then took me to a page with a camera on it. Working with items to hand I scanned a bottle of OrangeCrush even through this has none of the item ingredients it. It then just detects all of the words of the ingerdients that I just took a photo off. It then came us with an ALERT Page even tho there was nothing in the drink to be alerted for. I then noticed it saying translate from? I then found a packet of kinder Chocolate with hazelnut pieces inside, however, this was written in german. I then scanned the ingredients and it was translated to English. And then followed by an ALERT page again but this time with reason as these sweets contain nuts. I think this is a useful app for translating ingredients if you’re in a foreign speaking country and need to look out for items of food but isn’t good for my intended use for the app and also I don’t find it visually appealing and hard to navigate around

Lastly, we have FoodAllergy. This application wasn’t too good for my research as again it was about translating and it didn’t work too well. you was welcomed with a guide on how to use the app which I thought was useful however when entering the app half of the allergies were greyed out and when I selected nuts for the allergy it only had a translation in dutch and not a main language such as French or german. I also tried it backwards by saying I’m german but no English options were available. Then the app would randomly go to a blank page and not have any options to click back so you was forced to close the application.

From looking at all these Applications and more, I can see a huge trend on Dieting apps and language translation in apps to do with Dietary needs however, I don’t really want my app to follow these routes and just want my app to simply scan a barcode and It says Yes or No and displays what Ingredient is inside of the item meaning you can’t eat it. I like some aspects from these apps like using toggles and maybe displaying a guide for first-time users so they can navigate through the app easily but I do plan for my application to be easy to navigate though, Be visually appealing and have a good functionality to the application.

Gantt Chart


As time is flying fast I thought I need to manage my time a bit better. This week im going to focus on what EXACTLY I want to do for my app so I don’t fall back and change my ideas last moment. Im more scared now because the more research I do I need finding apps just like my VeggieScan idea but I think I need to stay away from coming across this as a total new idea but more what can I do to make my app better than any of the others.

Above I have placed together a Gantt Chart to help me know when I need to start moving on and keeping on top of all my work making sure things are completed by the date I have planned so I have enough time to do more of the making and testing side of my work. I’ve planned to get all the fiddly bits out of the way and done by Half term to then just focus on finishing digital designs and working on my Xcode examples for the last 2 weeks before placing it all together in a dossier in the last week.

I hope this helps me plan better and make sure I cover the main topics of making my application.




Out of all my ideas, I have come to the conclusion to make my ‘VeggiScan’ application. After a previous debate of doing the PetBook idea, I thought it was too overdone and i had no passion for pets and I wouldn’t have had any fun creating the application in the long run. The Bill Divide application looked a bit too simple and is basically a calculator in an application and didnt have much need. Lastly, the iTravel was a flawed idea and didnt have much to back up what I was trying to explain and do for an application so this would have proven difficult when coming to make the idea.

VeggiScan was my fav idea from the lot however, I don’t think I will be keeping the name as I don’t want to just appeal to Vegetarians but most major dietary needs these days. However, for now I have kept with that name so I know what im talking about and I can work on the real name at a later date to my work.

My ideas is basically a nutrition scanning application. This would work by using a barcode scanner where upon scanning an item it would tell you if it is Veggie, Vegan, Gluten Free, Contains Nuts without having to look for it in the tiny print and help you with your dietary needs. This also comes in handy for housemates cooking and buying food for people with these dietary needs as they have no idea where to look or what to look for on the packet.

My next steps…
For this project, I need to think of a few factors that will com into play when designing my Application Such as…?
– Reseach, Has this Idea been done? If so why is my idea better?
-Who is the application for?
-Functionality, How is the app going to function?
– Techincal, Learning the Code for what I want to Create.
-Design, How do I want the app to look.

Taking all of these steps into practice to start with, will have me create an app of a high standard for my Final Grad Project for the end of the year.


Application Ideas

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-38-08For my last year at University, I have started a new unit called Developing Media Design Concepts. For this Unit, I need to plan and design a new application and then make it next year for my final end of year project. Since starting back I have had a few ideas come to mind such as…

  1. Travel application that you can link up with your friends who also travel and see what countries they may have been too, You then can bond and share photos of your travelling and also share your own advice and experience. so If you wanted to go to Italy you can see your friend Joe Bloggs has been there and you can get some first-hand experience about it and places you need to visit.
  2. A Social network for pets. So many friends make facebook profiles for their dogs and cats why not make an app where they can all join together and shear photos and comments about their pets, But also having useful info of good parks to walk your dog or pet-friendly cafes within Bournemouth
  3. Veggie scan app? An application that has a barcode scanner where upon scanning an item it would tell you if it is Veggie, Vegan, Gluten Free, Contains Nuts without having to look for it in the tiny print and help you with your dietary needs. This also comes in handy for housemates cooking and buying food for people with these dietary needs as they have no idea where to look or what to look for on the packet.
  4. Divide a bill application, instead of paying a company to take a divided sum from your bank accounts why not a app where you add in all the bills you have to pay and add in date you need to pay that bill, how often and how much. You then add how many housemates you have and can divide it monthly or for the semester. This way its all even and can be counted out correctly for each housemate to pay for there bills in one go when money comes though. also for the bill payer a reminder to pay the bills on the correct date

my next steps will be presenting my ideas in class and see what my classmates feel will be useful and what will be just a waste of time making. This will help me chose my final idea and think about better and improved outcomes for my best preposed idea.