Making final adjustments to my application I had asked a few peers in my class to see what improvements I could make for my application. I started by asking what logo was the best to use for my application. We were stuck between two designs but finally set on the logo above as the bold letters stand out more and the white space makes the words legible. The logo stands strong and bold for the user to see when using the application.

It was than seen that I have not created my app icon yet and I needed to created one. At first I thought just to add the logo on a rounded square but then I thought the B from my logos that I didn’t like too much as it didn’t say the application name in it I thought would be perfect for a app icon as it isn’t too busy and is a nice clean icon for my app icon.

The next thing that was raised was the fact I haven’t created a warning massage for the users to see when using the application just to clarify that I am not liable for any problems with the allergy information as some manufactures use equipment and make food that are restricted in the user’s diet. My application will be being as factual as I can create it however it is more of a public advisory and users should be cautious using the application.

For all my allergy information for my application, I have been referencing this web page:


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