Technical Wireframes

For my project I have been looking into making my own databases and how it would be used to store and be easily accessible for the user to receive this data.

Here is a diagram of how my application is technically going to work. At the top you have the user, the user then uses an iPhone to then access the software which will be my application. The software will then refer back to a database that will then send information back though the software giving the user and output of a form which displays the information the user is in need off.

As my application isn’t just designs and I need to get it working technically as well as making it look good I took my designs into xcode to get a step up on what I need to think about when it come to making my application. I started by placing a mock up design in the first page and seeing how far I can create the application and see what I need to do some future research on. When creating my application, I came to find out a few errors very quickly. I started by making a search bar which I easily placed on the page but was unable to make the search feature to work and the same issue came when creating my barcode scanner. However, this is not really of an issue as now I know what I need to look into more and know what I need to learn technically to more on further in this project. I can now learn why what I have don’t didn’t work and what I need to do to make a smoothly working application.

I will use the help of the internet to help me with any coding errors that may occur and maybe make my application better and function better. I will be looking out for Open Source Code when it comes to looking at gathering products in a database. However, all images and designs used will be produced by myself.


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