Logo design

Looking into creating my logo for the application I started to think what other logos have been made and what will make mine stand out and look good while on the app. I then looked at barcode scanner logos as I wanted to add the idea of a barcode into my logo. I also then looked into shopping logos, food logos and many more. The outcome of looking at these logos where to design some using barcodes, shopping trolley, magnifying Glass and also a bite out of the word. I started of with the bites out of the word Biteable but it didn’t look too nice. I then had a shopping trolley with the word biteable inside and tried making it interesting by adding barcodes and magnifying glass. I played around with this idea a bit and changed it up to see what improvements I can make and what looks better then before.


I then choose what logos I liked the most and asked my peers to choose as well. The most common two were the B with bites taken out and the barcode with the name inside. I then thought how to make both of them better as I didn’t like the B as it didn’t say the name of the application. I then added the name and a barcode inside to make it more relatable to the application but when I asked my peers to say witch was the best they still said the original idea. I do like this logo but I think it can’t be the main logo but maybe more for the apps icon. Next was the barcode with the name inside. I didn’t like the how much white was on show I then thought to change it to have lower cade letters or filling in more of the white space with more lines. However, I feel this makes the logo illegible as the barcode mixes in with the text. Overall I like the lower text logo myself but I feel maybe the white space adds more strength to the logo in the end.



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