My MoSCow

Prioritisation Analysis

When it comes to my application I needed to do an prioritization analysis based on my app. Below I have looked though the many ideas which I Must include, should include, could include and also won’t include. This is to help me when designing what I must have thought about in my work to what I must not have included. Then I can move onto what it should have to make the app stand out and be interesting to then finally think about what it could have to test myself a little in what I can do for my project. Following is my MoSCoW process…


Must (mandatory for the project to be successful)

  • Ability to scan barcodes using camera.
  • The ability to store a database on food items
  • Display a warning disclaimer
  • The ability to find databased products though barcode scanner
  • Display databased content on an iPhone
  • Display dietary information about the scanned product
  • Visually Appling


Should (desirable for the project to be successful)

  • Keep users interest
  • Informative for the user
  • Display correct Dietary requirements to the user
  • Include information about products
  • Stand out and be interesting
  • Appel to more than one person


Could (optional for the project to be successful)

  • The ability for users to add useful information
  • Include useful functions
  • Include more pages in application
  • Include more tools
  • Be able to access database without 3G
  • Update itself over time
  • Store previously scanned items
  • Alternative searching method
  • Add more dietary needs
  • Have related products to search
  • Have features to help navigate for the visually impaired


Won’t (categorically defined as being outside of the project’s scope)

  • Enable users to send information outside of the app.
  • Be 100% correct
  • Be able to suggest things to scan
  • Have every item in the supermarkets stored
  • Have items that are not food



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