Mock ups

When it came to designing how I want my application I thought about the research of the other applications I had looked at and I thought about why them applications have failed and don’t work and what I can do to make it better! So I knew I wanted it to look nice and simple to use so that the user is able to easily navigate through the application with no instructions in how to no matter of the age of the user or how technical advanced they are. I also wanted to make my application look visually appealing for better user experience. I knew my app needed a homepage that linked you to a scanner that then displayed text if the food was safe for the user to consume. I then thought about how the user would use the application so in image no.2 I draw out a user picking up a packet of crisps and then scanning it in the store to see if they are able to eat it or not. I then was made aware I need a disclaimer on my app saying that the information that is produced may not be 100% correct. I then made a more detailed sketch and also a colorful version to show how I want the application to look however I don’t think I will keep to this colour scheme. I then thought It was time to take my designs into Photoshop to make them look better and give a real look into how I want the application to look like in the end.


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