Drawn Mock Ups


Here I have just tried to get my ideas onto paper. When thinking about my app I have come across that i will need to place an advisory notice when the app starts up just to claim that the app may not be a 100% correct. I then tried thinking how I want the app to look. I was thinking to make the app with a barcode scanner but I needed more pages and thought I might have if I have more time, add a news feed for people to post onto the pages good useful info about food and where they can find what others may have found. I then thought to draw out where the app would most likely be used. so for an example I have somebody looking at a packet of chicken-flavored crisps in the supermarket. They then go to their phone and scan the packet to then have the barcode scanned and a green tick has come up on the screen of the phone to say yes this item is veggie for this user so they can go ahead and eat it.

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