Lego Lesson

So today in class we had a seminar on developing out apps however the lesson didn’t turn out how I had expected it to. My teacher had come in with lego… and I’m still not too sure why? but it was a fun lesson. Here we were to ask to create a metaphor for our app out of  the lego bricks. I was really unsure what to make to start with… So I grabbed the white and black bricks to make a barcode but this was too simple and boring. I ended up expanding on the idea and make lego more tell the objective of my app than a metaphor. Here you have Terrence who has a nut allergy, So this app is perfect for him. What Terrence can do now is use the barcode scanner to scan the food to see if it contains nuts or not and then he will get a red or green light indicating if it is safe for him to eat or not. This lesson was fun and interesting and come out with a funky lego piece.

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