App Name Generation

Looking at app names for my App I need to chose a final one that I want to go by. Before I called my app VeggieScan but I don’t want to just appeal to Vegetarians but all people with dietary needs. But I also want it to be fun and playful and not boring like the apps i have previously looked at before. I started by making a list of names relating to my app… Nutritive, Herbal, Dietary, Food, Selection, Ingredients. These are not names and I was just thinking of different categories my app falls into. I then just kept loving the name veggieScan and thought to change the word veggie to VitaScan or Vitable. This then made me think of Eatable, Biteable, Grub Scanner, VitaBite and so on but now I need to finalize my name. I then googled the final 4 names to see if anything like them already existed…

First I looked at Eatable and it happened to be an application just like the one I am waiting to make with the name I wanted to use. This was a bit upsetting but I knew my idea had to be done before. But I plan off making a better one off this application anyway. However, I planned to research the app it was nowhere to be found on the app store and no sight of a download app button so unforcedly I can’t see how this app functions or even if it exists yet in the app community. I also did this with my last name idea ‘VeggieScan’ And received the same results but this app was discontinued and wasn’t taken further.

as for biteable and Grubscanner they are tech websites and vitabite is a german low cal chocolate bar. Meaning none of these names are taken and possibly could be used for my application name. I think I will take a little longer and get some user testing on what name is liked better and explains the app mostly but also fun and exciting to download more 🙂


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