App Reserch

Since deciding I want to create a dietary application I thought I should put in some research into what apps already exist matching the same criteria to what I plan to do. I came by 3 applications on the appStore called ContentCheacker USA, AllergyScan and FoodScan.

The first application I came across as an American based app called ContentCheacker USA. I liked the green colour scheme and design of the app on first glance. I then was welcomed with a page with nice looking toggles to choose what allergies you may have. I then choose that I had Fish, Milk and Nut allergies. I then continued to the next page… However, The app force quit on me. I then reloaded it up and from there I was unable to see how useful the app could have been unfortchantly. But I did get to see some of the design and I quickly took a screenshot of the screen before it quit suddenly. From the screenshot I can see a list of products with ticks and one with a warning being ‘Hazelnut INTERNATI…’ This is most likely because I said I was allergic to nuts and wouldn’t be able to eat anything with hazelnut in it. I like that you can see most scanned items and also new products, but it was a shame I can’t use this app due to force closure.

The second app I tested was a bit better and was called AllergySnap. I thought this was very relatable to my application with the allergy and the scanning. I then typed in what I’m allergic to which I said eggs, milk and nuts. it then took me to a page with a camera on it. Working with items to hand I scanned a bottle of OrangeCrush even through this has none of the item ingredients it. It then just detects all of the words of the ingerdients that I just took a photo off. It then came us with an ALERT Page even tho there was nothing in the drink to be alerted for. I then noticed it saying translate from? I then found a packet of kinder Chocolate with hazelnut pieces inside, however, this was written in german. I then scanned the ingredients and it was translated to English. And then followed by an ALERT page again but this time with reason as these sweets contain nuts. I think this is a useful app for translating ingredients if you’re in a foreign speaking country and need to look out for items of food but isn’t good for my intended use for the app and also I don’t find it visually appealing and hard to navigate around

Lastly, we have FoodAllergy. This application wasn’t too good for my research as again it was about translating and it didn’t work too well. you was welcomed with a guide on how to use the app which I thought was useful however when entering the app half of the allergies were greyed out and when I selected nuts for the allergy it only had a translation in dutch and not a main language such as French or german. I also tried it backwards by saying I’m german but no English options were available. Then the app would randomly go to a blank page and not have any options to click back so you was forced to close the application.

From looking at all these Applications and more, I can see a huge trend on Dieting apps and language translation in apps to do with Dietary needs however, I don’t really want my app to follow these routes and just want my app to simply scan a barcode and It says Yes or No and displays what Ingredient is inside of the item meaning you can’t eat it. I like some aspects from these apps like using toggles and maybe displaying a guide for first-time users so they can navigate through the app easily but I do plan for my application to be easy to navigate though, Be visually appealing and have a good functionality to the application.


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