Gantt Chart


As time is flying fast I thought I need to manage my time a bit better. This week im going to focus on what EXACTLY I want to do for my app so I don’t fall back and change my ideas last moment. Im more scared now because the more research I do I need finding apps just like my VeggieScan idea but I think I need to stay away from coming across this as a total new idea but more what can I do to make my app better than any of the others.

Above I have placed together a Gantt Chart to help me know when I need to start moving on and keeping on top of all my work making sure things are completed by the date I have planned so I have enough time to do more of the making and testing side of my work. I’ve planned to get all the fiddly bits out of the way and done by Half term to then just focus on finishing digital designs and working on my Xcode examples for the last 2 weeks before placing it all together in a dossier in the last week.

I hope this helps me plan better and make sure I cover the main topics of making my application.



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