Out of all my ideas, I have come to the conclusion to make my ‘VeggiScan’ application. After a previous debate of doing the PetBook idea, I thought it was too overdone and i had no passion for pets and I wouldn’t have had any fun creating the application in the long run. The Bill Divide application looked a bit too simple and is basically a calculator in an application and didnt have much need. Lastly, the iTravel was a flawed idea and didnt have much to back up what I was trying to explain and do for an application so this would have proven difficult when coming to make the idea.

VeggiScan was my fav idea from the lot however, I don’t think I will be keeping the name as I don’t want to just appeal to Vegetarians but most major dietary needs these days. However, for now I have kept with that name so I know what im talking about and I can work on the real name at a later date to my work.

My ideas is basically a nutrition scanning application. This would work by using a barcode scanner where upon scanning an item it would tell you if it is Veggie, Vegan, Gluten Free, Contains Nuts without having to look for it in the tiny print and help you with your dietary needs. This also comes in handy for housemates cooking and buying food for people with these dietary needs as they have no idea where to look or what to look for on the packet.

My next steps…
For this project, I need to think of a few factors that will com into play when designing my Application Such as…?
– Reseach, Has this Idea been done? If so why is my idea better?
-Who is the application for?
-Functionality, How is the app going to function?
– Techincal, Learning the Code for what I want to Create.
-Design, How do I want the app to look.

Taking all of these steps into practice to start with, will have me create an app of a high standard for my Final Grad Project for the end of the year.



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