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Since we came back from Easter, Me and my group Bluefish Productions placed together an application for Love Love Films to take to shows and schools to promote their company. We came up with an amazing idea of welcoming LoveLoveLife, An application to show you a day in the life of Love Love Films. This will be used to show future clients who LoveLove as a company work. The application has changed a bit from last time because LoveLove decided they wanted the designs to match a video they had made explaining the company. But in the given time my group was able to change this to LoveLoves standards and add in everything Love love wanted to include.

The application starts with a home screen where you are welcomed by snowy the dog who is the cute adorable office dog outside of the LoveLoveFilms office. Snowy then invites you into the office to look around. You then come to the start of the office and snowy asks you to look around and tap on certain objects in the room. Each object in the room relates to the office and are things that are found within the office itself!
Starting off in the hallway you are able to click onto the chalkboard and you are bale to see clients LoveLove have worked with and also the future goals of the company. Lastly, you have a video from Love Love explaining what they do as a company though a showreel. In this room, we also added details like their pinball machine.
Next, you have the sofa when clicked you are able to read about LoveLoves amazing placement scheme and also rewards they have won by clicking the bookshelf and lastly a placement video for a nice visual view on what they can do for students. Objects in this room such as the sofa itself and the bookshelf can be found in the office but we also added cute things like a photo of snowy on holiday to show that it’s not wall work and can be fun.
LoveLove wanted some of the members of staff and their job roles in the office. So for the next two tabs we added in the members graphics and also included decks and computers to show their workplace and also hints to being in Bournemouth by adding the Bournemouth balloon outside of the window and the cat they see randomly around the office. Lastly added a video about who Love Love are.
Lastly in the kitchen, we have the last 2 members and also some testimonials from the people who work at LoveLove. Here we match how the LoveLove kitchen looks like in the office.
To finish off we have snowy saying goodbye and a link that takes you from the app straight to the LoveLoveFilms Website so you can directly to the page from the application to finish.

The problems we faced…
The app wasn’t all straightforward as we hoped. We wanted a scroll view to start with but Love Love wanted a tab bar so clients could just skip to the page they want however we tried several different ways to do this and nothing worked, and we were on a time limit so we couldn’t afford wasting more time working this out so we went by what the client wanted and made it a tab bar that didn’t show the storytelling narrative as we wanted it to.
Working with a client was amazing but also raised issues. Going to weekly meetings they said they loved everything and wouldn’t change it but all of a sudden on more than one occasion close to the deadline we received emails says to completely change the ideas and design. This coursed a lot of stress for the group but made us stronger and worked together better knowing we needed this done.
Love Love wanted us to follow their design style but when looking at the assets we were given you can tell at least 3 different people have been working on this due to different styles and we could exactly match a style when there isn’t a consistent style to follow by. Also, this made out designs not as good and wasn’t happy to change out nice designs but we needed to make the client happy.
Also, data within the app became an issue because we needed to rely on the client to give us this data but seeing as they had other work to deal with and was quite busy it took time to receive data and input on the app and this made it quite difficult to work and know if what we was doing was correct.

The advantages of the app…
Working with a client was amazing as we were able to meet each week and show our work and get some input if what we have done is good or bad and also ideas to what else we can add to the app. Such things include telling us they liked that snowy narrated and also that the cat was outside the window as this is a mystery cat that randomly appears round the office. But also when we do things wrong, We did add a skyscraper in the window but LoveLove didn’t like it as they liked being in the suburbs coastal town and not in a city so then we added the Bournemouth balloon.
Working as a group was a good experience especially working on our experiences and being a key member of the group. This meant we could meet up and work on a project and also have others by our side to help us through things if we were to get stuck with anything. Also, I loved working with my group as we were all well driven and very hard working, Either when some of us got ill and unable to come in we still have people filling in for them and doing as much as they could to make this project succeed.
Also having a good team we finished early and made a bit of promotion to mark it

Improvements I wished for the app…
Overall I love the app we had made and wouldn’t change too much, I wished we lined up a few speech bubbles better which I corrected after the hand in on snowy speech bubbles, Also little things like having all of the content included and finished would have been good. But we did comment to code so Love Love can easily fit in the data they were unable to give us. Lastly, it was a real let down not being able to make it a scrollView as it was meant to show the story of how love Love Films work as a company and it would take you through this seamless image but adding a tab bar means it looks like it don’t match as don’t look as good but this can always be fixed in the future and just because it was handed in don’t mean we can’t change it and improve it.


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