Coding for LOVE LOVE


Today and yesterday have been big coding days. Yesterday 2 members of the group looked into the code to make this application possible while the rest of us worked on the designs to place into the code. for the code, we have planned to make a scrolling app that allows the users to swipe from scene to scene. This is perfect and easy to do however LOVE LOVE want a tab bar so that the user can skip to the scene they desire without any of the fuss. This is perfectly easy as well, however, This problem is when you place both of these codes together they don’t seem to work and you are unable to have both using the code we have used. Looking at other apps we all have on our phones we can see the apps either have one or the other but none had both… This could be an issue and we might need to abandon one. However, we are on track and can have some time playing with code just to make sure it isn’t 100% impossible.

So today we had a class on doing application animations. This is a useful class as we will need to add some of these into the app later down the line. It was quite fun to learn how to make images enlarge and bounce on the page and same goes for the text. At the end of the lesson me and my group member, Chloe knew we could take this to the next step. We did our own experiments in making the animations more impressive. We ended up changing the text and background colours, adding back shadows and changing anything we could by using the new code we had learnt and applied the same rules so that they would work in the animations. This was a lot of fun, however, we did need to get back to creating our own code for the app.

Back to the LOVE LOVE CODE, we needed a new approach to this issue we had yesterday. After some time, we were able to work out a new way to code the app and have both the scroll view and the tab bar. This is amazing but it may be difficult to code, but we are planning to meet again tomorrow at 9am on Friday to have another day of coding and design to get lots of work done and hopefully get through this code and make it manageable. Also, we have mockup designs to throw into the code to have a rough look how it will turn out and when the code is all working we are able to show LOVE LOVE.

Lastly, we had a meeting with love love and was able to show are designs and discuss what we have done so far and what we are going to do next. This was a nice chat to have and they seem to like out designs we have so far so this is a good sign. We still need them to give us a finished script of that they want to be said on the app and also what content we should include for them. This isnt as important right so we dont need to worry just yet but hopefully we will receive these soon.


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