Designing for LOVE LOVE

Today we have had a massive designing session to get on with the designing for each of the scenes we have had planned. We had some mockup draw up but now we had to put them idea into illustrator to get all the designs together and ready to use in the app or at least get some images drawn up so we are able to plan the code out and see how it looks even if we have to swap out the images near the end. So we thought to stick to a continuous scene so that everything matchs up and the continuity is the same throughout.

Seeing as im more of a photoshop person its was difficult to use illustrator as i haven’t used in it over a year and ive only used it for one project so far. Although it was very frustrating to start with as I kept doing photoshop commands that Illustrator don’t support and I forgot how it was done in illustrator. Not to worry as I soon remembered the actions I needed to take to complete the work at hand and it became really easy from then on out. Until it came to after effects, Another program I haven’t used in over a year. But as soon as I loaded in the image of snowy the dog it all came back to me and was relatively easy to do after that.

LOVE LOVE gave some assets from their own animation for us to use in the app. As you may see below the Elevator scene and the pinball machine are taken from LOVE LOVE to link back to their animation to show they are connected. With the designs we had chosen to follow the same design path as LOVE LOVE and go for flat design with no strokes Just like the animation. The app with scroll scene to scene visiting different areas of LOVE LOVE and being interactive along the way. Also we have little cute snowy in each scene and we thought it would be cute to dress him up depending on what is happing in the scene. You may see above a image of all of snows toys and hats we are able to place onto him. After this we knew we wanted to animate snowy to wag his tail and move so it make the user more interated with the appplication. This was when after effects came in and we was able to make snowy a .GIF and hopefully take this though into the application.

So far with have kept on script with the designs, however improvement to these design is always advancing to make the scene more interesting to look at. We added in each scene including all the bits that will in interactive for the user. We didn’t want any black space in any of the scenes so we have added small things relating to LOVE LOVE. Such things include the status they have in the office, Snowy’s bed with bone and bowl, skeleton at the laptop and other decorations throughout the scenes. These scenes are not yet finished as we are needing to add more to the kitchen scene and also we to make sure everything fits in perfectly and fits with the design.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with LOVE LOVE with hope to show them the designs we have brought together and hopefully, they will like what we have managed to do. However if they do have an issue with any of our designs or anything we have made they will be able to let us know and we can change it before the deadline. But overall we have lots to show them and we look forward to hearing their opinions tomorrow.


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