Work is on its way!

Today we just had a group meeting to see what we have and how far we have come since last week as by now we all should have started with our roles.

First, we have the Code! Billy and Chole have been testing the code to make the app slide from scene to scene and also have pop up come on screen. We have managed to sort this out and make the app change scenes but when the pop-up code comes into play this tends to break the code. Not to worry we have some more testing and I’m sure we can fix this! Next task for the code will be adding in mock up designs and seeing how it flows on an iPad and also maybe adding some transitions when a new scene comes on screen. We will need to look into the sprite kit and see what fun things we can do

Designs are coming along nicely. Amy had done some good layout designs for some of the rooms and Charlotte made another cute snowy to place in the scenes. As Amy shown us her designs and it appears that the scenes don’t match as well as they should do. Some were images have depth and some were flat and we couldn’t have both in the same scene so we are planning to redo these designs. Instead of working on the scenes one by one Amy is going to have them all laid out in a row. This is so that they all lined up and follow the same design flow.We also thought it’s best to have a colour palette as lots of colours are making the app look childish. We also need to fill out the rooms more making it a lot more interactive such as the hat on the sofa is to interact with the placements they offer and the awards for what awards they have to show for the business. This makes the app more interesting and fun to play around with.

Lastly, we need some content in each scene to know exactly what is happening in each scene and what we need to include. So I and Verity place together a document saying what each scene will have to have to show certain content from Love Love Films and also some interactivity within the page telling the user all the information about the company. Over this week, I will be helping with the designs but also need to finalize where all content is going and also need to get from love love what content they want so I can place them in where is best for the app.

Overall Im so happy for my group as they have all stuck to what they needed to do today and also we found out we are the only group that have actually started putting it together. This is good but then again we are just on track to not having the last week crammed of work as I would like to finish the project early so we can test it and review it to make it the best app for hand in. So Im happy we have everything sorted and the app is coming along nicely.


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