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After Tuesdays session, we had a 3-hour gap where we thought it would be good to come up with a timetable to know when things need to be done by. The problem is we dont know how long things will take and how much time we need to spend on things. Also some people in the group have Jobs, other Coursework and Social lives to maintain so we really have no idea how long people will take on some tasks. Currently, we have this very broad plan to keep too. We have alredy started with drawing up ideas and looking what code we need to use so by Monday  we hope to have started placing the code together seeing what will work and what dont and how we can overcome that. Also have the designs for the app coming alone and lastly finding out what content we can add to the app. Next week when we meet hopefully we have all started our roles and can start to see this app coming together.


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