Meeting with LOVELOVE

We had a meeting with love love films to catch up as this is the first time we have met them since we pitch our ideas to them before easter!

During the meeting, we discussed our idea for the add and the new timeline we have now got all planned out. They loved the ideas we had and didn’t want to change anything we thought off. They have a little animation introducing the company that they said they us the assets of this to base our designs on so they link into each other.

We then went off to content they within the app. They said they will sort out what they want to show and send it to us. They also talked about having a bit with of the people who worked there in LOVE LOVE this was perfect as we already had an idea to make the kitchen contact page to do just this. We talked about having a coffee mug each and when clicked it will tell you more about the employee. We then talked about adding the fact that they do placements for students throughout the year and wanted us to introduce this within the app.

LoveLove said something about getting their script writer in to plan out what the timeline will need to do and say but we are unsure when we will get this so currently we will stick to our plan until we get this and then we will be able to change it after our next meeting.

lastly, we talked about adding a timeline so users who dont want to go through the whole story narrative can skip to the page they are interested in without all the bother of the other pages. we then finished talking about voiceovers in the app. Currently, we dont think we are adding voice but Love Love seem to like the idea. This would be a later task and we will need to come back to this when we have a more clear idea of the app and know if a voice over would be helpful or not.


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