Planning for meeting with LOVELOVE

Tomorrow we have planned to go visit LoveLove Films to talk through our idea and get some feedback from the presatation on what they liked about our ideas so we can improve on them and also try and find out what they may have disliked about what we presented to them. This will help us in the long run as it means we know that that dont like a certain part of the app then we are able to scrap the idea and replace it with a new idea they will enjoy!

So before meeting them we need some tie up our ideas together so they can easily look across them and give us feed back. For this we have drawn up a few designs to give them a look at what potentiol the app has and give them a idea how we plan to make it look.  We have went with the idea of scrolling though the timeline with snowy the dog. When looking at code for this with chole we found a different way to do this. Using a Scroll view that is often found on an iphone home menu meaning we will be able to scroll from scene to scene and not a continuous scroll. we are trying both but we like the idea with scences so here are is the timeline we have so far… Love Love Life Timeline:

1) Loading page: Their clock spinning?
Clapper board transition between each scene? Look into feasibility
2) Beginning Page: Title page, Love Love Films colours and fonts
3) Scene One: Love Love Films Office
Chalk board, Pinball machine (possibly add a minigame if time allows) , cactus, lights
4) Scene Two: TV set, filming something
Clicking on the different people/equipment will tell you about the roles in the team, team can introduce themselves (possible add a minigame if time allows)
5) Scene Three: Back in the office, lots of clickable things (TV, bookshelf etc)
Bookshelf, lets you click and search through an archive of their work, TV screen
6) Scene Four: PC screen, animation (clickable animations)
Mac screen, showing editing software (After Effects), skeleton behind the Mac
7) Scene Five: Kitchen, click on coffee mugs to learn about team members
Array of cups, each one you click on links to a team member (tells you a bit about them)
8) End Page: Information
9) Snowy: When you click on Snowy, he will make sound effects and tell you a random fact about Love love Films

This is the plan we have so far and will talk to LOVELOVE about it tommorow. We also have a few questions to ask them during our visit… Questions for Love Love Films on Monday:

1) Get them to clarify what information we should prioritize in each scene, I.E when you click on the chalk board or the Mac screen
2) What level of accessibility do they want to the content of this, I.E how easy will it be to swap out new content and videos for them in the future
3) What can we have access to such as animations and assets for visuals
4) Get them to clarify the key things we should focus on
5) What they weren’t so keen on/want us to cut out
6) Which specific videos would they like us to showcase
7) Is there any specific way they want us to make the navigation work for streamlining such as making things pop out from the scene
8) Any behind the scenes content we can use and include. Also can we take our own pictures of the office.
9) Last page being a testimonial from each member of the team? You click on a coffee mug and it pops up a quote.

So now we have all of this together and I will look for the metting and will update afterward and also start on creating the app together.


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