My Portfolio Website

So do you remember not so long ago I was making a personal Webpage too show who I am to employers and what I can do? Well, I basically scrapped the idea… Lots of times! I finally Finished a design and now have it online @

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 21.23.34

Just above you can see the final homepage of my website. This is a parallax website so you are able to view the site by scrolling downwards. So on the homepage, I set a nice photo of mine at first and typed my name on top with a shadow to stand out. I went through a few different photos and finally ended with this one and the horizon with the sea nicely lines up with my name and it looks cute and also has me included in the image so it makes the page look more personal.

As you scroll down you come across a number of pages such as Welcome, About me and What I do. This is to give the user all the information they may need to know about myself and also gives the user an idea of who I am, More so than what a CV could ever do. This website is covered in photos I have taken from my recent trip to Japan and other countries I have been to over the years. Also, I have added in some cute photos of myself alongside the text boxes describing me.

Right at the end I added ‘The End’ page with cute feet to leave you with. But I came to hate the idea as the web page isn’t a book and it don’t have to have an ending but more importantly I wanted potential employers to end on seeing my contact details after seeing what an amazing person I am. Using the same image didn’t fit so I used one with Beach huts as it symbolizes homes and contacts are homely. I only had written information on the page but soon changed this by adding in links to take me to my blog, Github, and Linkedin. After getting these to work I then got them to lick to a CV of mine in case they need it. However, I ended up going further and making a download button for my CVs so employers we have it loaded on their desktops straight away.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 19.54.23

I then took out the useless View CV buttons and added Download CVs. I then made the page go live for the world to see and look pretty. After getting it online being so happy I told my mates and they ended up finding spelling mistakes and links not working as well as photos. I then fixed the little bugs and boom it’s all amazing again. However, I do hope to improve the page as time goes on and It will always be better then the old one before that.


Finally getting my page online has made me happy and im glad i have achived this


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