LoveLoveLife Project


On the last day of term we had to present our ideas to the clients this was very scary but in the long term, it has helped us. By showing our ideas to the clients we were able to understand more what the they want from the project and also, they told us what was good about our ideas so we were able to see where they want the project to go without ideas.

After presenting we all came to the conclusion that we loved the LoveLove Film idea we had as it was different and fun to create for the whole team. However, we had to wait until after easter break to know what company we were going to design for. This was very frustrating as I was hoping to get a headstart on my workload though the holiday but unsure what project we were going to do left a lot of free time. This wasn’t the worst thing as it left time for me to work on personal projects of my own.

Easter is now over and we got an email confirming that we are doing the LOVELOVE FILMS project which is fantastic to hear as this was the one we wanted to do. We have a group meeting tomorrow at 1pm to work out where we are going from here and hopefully get off to a good start with the app we have designed.

Knowing that is is already the 11th April and this project is due in on the 11th May only means we have a month to make a really amazing app from designing all the pages, collecting all the content and also coding it all together in a nice bundle. This is so exciting and I can’t wait to get back to getting stuck in.


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