LoveLove Films Final

lovelovedogLove Love Life A project proposal by Bluefish Productions 14th March 2016

We first came up with an app idea to show what the company does and display the work the company has done. Untill we had the idea of turning what they do into a narritive of what they do. The app will open up showing the LOVELOVE logo then scrolls into the lovelove office. From this page you are welcomed by Snowy! there cute little office dog. Snowy will then walk though the office and walk out of the door onto a film set of lovelove film. Thoughout the walk snowy will tell you some fun facts about the comapany and also along the way you can click on items to show off lovelove films work. Then finally a contact page for the comany will be at the end.

Bluefish Productions

Bluefish Productions are a small design agency based in Bournemouth who are comprised of designers, artists and producers. We work with a range of software and processes to create innovative, exciting ideas and projects. Our work combines theory and practice into one, succinct experience. Our agency consists of six members who each play an integral part in our work flow.


Love Love Films are a multimedia production company with many stories to tell. Love Love Life embodies this passion for storytelling and transforms it into an interactive narrative experience that allows its users to engage with the company in a friendly, immersive way. The narrator of this story, Snowy the office dog, takes the user on an explorative journey through a day in the life of Love Love Films, allowing the user to get to know the company personally as if they were a family rather than a standard production company. This narrative progression will require the user to explore and immerse in the story through interactive mechanics that encaourage them to discover information for themselves rather than simply scrolling through a static display. The visuals for this application will replicate the graphic stlye that Love Love Films have already created in their ‘Welcome to Love Love Films’ video.

Engaging narrative

Talk about how our solution is a narrative experience that tells a story, as they are passionate story tellers. Interactive narrative experience

Hardware Requirements

Love Love Life will be created to work with iOS platforms such as an iPhone or iPad. For future development, this could be developed for other platforms such as Android devices, though our proposal will be developed purely for Apple devices. Love Love Films would need to provide these devices at promotional events if they desire their audience to interact with the application there and then.


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