SquidSoup Finals

Ocean of Light A project proposal by Bluefish Productions 14th March 2016

For the Company SquidSoup they wanted a webpage to promote thier software Ocean of Light. We first made some mockups of how we plan the site to look.

We had to brand Ocean of Light to sell the software so the group came up with some logo idea to brand the product

Bluefish Productions

Bluefish Productions are a small design agency based in Bournemouth who are comprised of designers, artists and producers. We work with a range of software and processes to create innovative, exciting ideas and projects. Our work combines theory and practice into one, succinct experience. Our agency consists of six members who each play an integral part in our work flow.


Ocean of Light is a unique piece of LED manipulation software that Squidsoup have created. This software has previously been used by Squidsoup as a performance piece at a range of events, though it has the potential to be used for a number of possibilities outside of the performative sphere. The Ocean of Light sowftware requires a solid brand in order to be marketed as a piece of creative software. The first step in this branding procedure is a website that will embody the creative potential of Ocean of Light, showing it in action and how the software functions as a creative tool.


Following a simillar branding style to other, related creative software, the Ocean of Light website will allow its audience to learn more about the functionality and potential uses of the software and how much it would cost for a liscence. The website will provide numerous tutorials and advice for new users, as well as showcasing previous examples of the software in action. Software, but more Ocean of Light is first and foremost a creative performance piece, though this does not limit its potential to be used for more. Turning Ocean of Light into a branded product will allow Squid-
soup to market their creation to more than one audience, whether that be performers, designers, or even something for personal use.


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