Hotlen Lee Finals

Since the start of the year, I have been working with my Agency to design an app for a company. We have now compleated the planning process and have come up with 3 solid ideas in which we have no presented to the client last week.

Livability Wellbeing A project proposal by Bluefish Productions 14th March 2016

The work we have done for the client is to follow…

Here we have some rough sketchs on how we wanted the app to look and then made some digital mock up to get a better idea on how we want the app to look. To gain more content we went to Holton Lee to gain more content for the app and get a better idea in what we need to give within the app that will be useful for the app as well as the company. To start with our idea was to have a splash page showing the Holton Lee logo and then it will load onto a mode screen. The idea of the mode screen is so that people who have difficulty with either sight, sound or just want fun. We have also included a standard mode. We thought the modes would be better to show what the user wants and not what the user is disabled off as this way it means we are not labbling the user to how they may be but how they want to learn with the app.

Here are the final mock ups of the app on how we want to make the app look for Holton Lee. So here is the Final overview on the App..

Imagine walking through a vast, open nature reserve where you are in control of the information you receive and how it is represented to you. The ethos at Livability Holton Lee focuses on the wellbeing of its visitors and how they interact with what the centre has to offer. Livability Wellbeing offers its users a chance to customise their own personal journey throughout the centre, offering them the choice of four diverse ‘modes’ that feedback information differently based on what the user prefers.

Bluefish Productions

Bluefish Productions are a small design agency based in Bournemouth who are comprised of designers, artists and producers. We work with a range of software and processes to create innovative, exciting ideas and projects. Our work combines theory and practice into one, succinct experience. Our agency consists of six members who each play an integral part in our work flow.


Livability Wellbeing is an iOS application that provides its user with a range of information that they can tailor to their own, specific tastes and needs. Covering over 430 acres of land, the Holton Lee centre contains several different areas of interest, as well as many different types of terrain. Of course, with such a wide expanse of land, it is difficult to display sufficient information in a way that suits everyone. Livability Wellbeing focuses on the main areas of interest, such as the Bird Hide and Sensory Garden, in order to provide clear and indepth information to its users. Rather than trying to cater to one specific disability, Livability Wellbeing is based around the three learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic), though is centred more around personal preference than strict categories. Although the application is designed for wellbeing and not a specific need, it can also works for those with minor disabilities such as hearing or visual imparements.

The Four ‘Modes’

The four ‘modes’ for Livability Wellbeing are ‘Explore’, ‘Listen’, ‘Play’, and ‘Learn’, which are entirely down to the users preference and can be changed within each area of interest on the map.


Explore offers the user more visual information than the other choices, providing them with many photographs and images to look at. The text (if any) is kept simple and short, as well as being slightly larger to help those who find reading chllenging.


Listen allows the user to receive information via sound. This choice will feedback information to you verbally, so headphones may come in handy when picking this option.


Play is the most hands on out of the four options and is aimed at those who retain information best from getting involved. This choice ranges from treasure hunt themed activities to small games that allow the user to actively partake.


Learn is the most conventional and non-specific choice out of the four, targeted mostly at those who wish to learn about te environment in more detail without limiting it to a specific type of information.

Hardware Requirements

Livability Wellbeing has been designed to work most effectively on a larger screen. As this application will be created to work with iOS, the best choice for this would be an iPad. The larger screen size will make the usability of the application easier for those who may find a small screen difficult to see or for those who find pressing small buttons difficult.


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