Project Mapping

In todays session we looked into how a map to portrayed to people in different ways. we started looking at maps of the world and how the map we know isn’t really correct in comparison to the word as Africa and brazil are a lot bigger and the uk is squashed upwards. We then looked into a art type of the world map when at first it may have looked like a mess of a design but when informed its the world map you can sort of see it and it comes to light. we also then looked at the London underground map. This map is known to being a very good famous map in London however it isnt at all geographically correct. This is bazaar as you expect a map to tell you where you are in the world and you dont really expect it to be wrong. Although it is wrong it dont really matter as the underground is… Underground. So above ground hasn’t really any relevance to the service as long as you get of where you intend this is just a simple easy way to read and useful to its users.

Today I looked into making a map of my trip back to my mothers house which is near Daventry, Northamptonshire. I started by drawing out my train journey all the way home. I thought this was more interesting as I always get the train and the car route would be a long straight line up the M40. Seeing as I took the train home I thought I shouldn’t label the stops I pass though by their full name but the Train station Codes they use to identify each station easily. and also the starting postcode and ending postcodes as I dont live at a train station. I placed these names all the way up my map at the correct place. I then thought to add some landmarks I noticed when passing though each one of these stations until I get home. I then thought to add the county flags but not all stations had its own flag as some shared them.

I then came to scrap my whole idea… Ish… I kept the train station codes and made them huge and listed them downwards like going down the country, Or up the country depending which way your travelling. I then made the text grey so you can see the black images I made beforehand of the landmarks. So I overlaid these ontop of the station codes. I like this last one better as it nice and organised and looks more pleasing that a random route with no map. Also I like that fact there is no route however you know there is a route of getting to A to B and passing what I see also on the way. Sometimes the simple designs are the better designs 🙂


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