Making my own Webpage!

With placements coming up I thought I should really up my game and start doing some extra work in my spear time. Currently we have started a new project where we need to work in agencies and create a product from a live brief. This is all going well and we have had a few meetings however currently we feel we need more information on the live briefs before we can even start doing anything. So while the work load isnt big I have set the task of building my own web portfolio. I feel when I apply for placements it will be better to show them a fully functioning website I have made rather than some images of pages that dont really show anything impressive.

I opened up photoshop and started planning out my idea… I thought why not make my desk that I work on so it is more personal to myself. Here I have my mac with keyboard and mouse along with my phone and notebook then a sandwich, pop and also a earphones. These where just the random things I had on my desk at the time however I added some papers under the notebook and a coffee cup to make it look a bit more used and I still plan to add more things into this image to make it feel more like me and also reasons to have more going on in my website. I then needed something to display all my information on that I want people to see, I then want to make my webpage interactive and fun to use to show of my skills. I want the users to be able to click on different things and then it zooms in on that item and displays different information depending what they clicked on.

When the Mac is clicked im planning for all my work to come onto the screen and the the user can scroll though them and see what I am good at and enjoy my projects. Next is my notebook, this I havent 100% worked out yet but maybe working Ideas… Maybe projects that havent been made yet and are still in the making but i feel this is showing my faults that shouldnt be displayed but then again im only normal and maybe it would be good to see my work process. Then you have my Phone. A phone is personal so what better thing to have than about me! this will give information about me with different apps relating to my life so the user can get to know me as a person better. Then lastly I thought I could have some silly things like clicking on coffee and have a graph of the amount of coffee I drink and maybe earphones on how much music I have listened to when working and so on just to add some nice personal touches. Finally I thought I could add some sticky notes… Although I often use digital sticky notes I still love the idea and thought I could stick them on the desk and also have one for a contact me page so that its more clear than having contact me in the about me part within the phone.

I clearly have lots to work on but im so happy with the work I have started with. I know lots has to improve and it will probably all change by next week but I have started and it all counts to the  development of my website and cant wait to see the finished thing. So now im off to start the coding to hopefully have this live online by next week.


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