Agency Logo Designs

After yesterdays session we all thought it would be a good idea to come up with a logo for our agency called Blue Fish Productions reddy for Tuesday in our 3 hour gap where we have planned a group meeting. Over this time a few of the designs have been posted on the Facebook page.

Above are a few ideas the group have had so starting with my own designs which are the one in the bottom right corner. I first went with a nice thin text that had nice serifs, This font was called Cambria. I then choses 3 types of blue because I wanted to see how each colour blue stands out in the text and didnt have it in mind to keep these colour. I only had some simple text on my page, so I thought I should add a Fish into the mix. I started out by drawing the christian fish logo as it is simple yet effective however learning that it is the christian logo I now think we should join the ends to stop any confusion. I liked this idea but I wanted to branch out a little. Little did I know because apparently I went in the opposite direction. I had changed the font to Abadi MT Condensed Ext… This text was fatter and san serif. Also to make it include the fish again but flipped it going the other way. I didn’t intend to do the complete opposite here and just realised when writing this down. Lastly I wanted something fun! When I looked at images of fishes I thought why don’t I make the text in the shape of the fish. I then used the wrap tool on Photoshop to make the text look like a fish. Overall I like my designs but I do think they need a little tweaking before Tuesdays session and as for the colour although it wasn’t intentional I may keep the text in different colour blues however maybe not the productions as this is a little hard to read.

The other designs so far are Amys, Billys and Veritys. These guys have posted there ideas to the facebook page and are looking amazing. I can see good things for our group and im so happy that we are starting early and getting things done in the group and cant wait to do more work in our agency



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