Forming Agencies


For the next project (Applied Design) we have to form an agency from our classmates. After this we will get together and create and agency name and choose a live brief that suits the whole agency and also look into peoples skill sets giving them the role that suits these skills best.

We have created a name for our agency, Currently we have the name BlueFish Productions. We then have made groups to keep in contact with each other such as a Google Drive account to shear information with each other. A Facebook page for links and useful information. A Slack page to talk to one another about things easy and quickly and lastly a GitHub page where will will use later down the line so we can all have the chance to collaborate with and included our own ideas and also look at each others.

The agency group we have formed consist of 6 people and each of us have a role…

Verity Cannings – Project Manager/ Copyright

Amy Cotton – Design Director

Billy Farroll – Lead Coder

Chole Hutchings – Design and coding

Christina Sabine (me) – Content Collecter

Charlotte Eagle – Design

Each of us have chosen roles that suit our strong points but we all are all willing to help with different roles when the moment rises as we are all for helping each other and are all able to do at-least a little bit of each role.

The Chosen Briefs:

Holton Lee Centre

Geolocation Application to replace static boards (Trip planned)

LoveLove Films

Interactive display (most likely an app?)


Not particularly sure, clarify with Liam

Next week we all plan to do our research on each on of these briefs and look into some ideas we can do for the project. We will then show the rest of the group and explain our ideas to one another. After this we will work on each others idea and improve them as much as we can before the presentation.


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