Inforgraphic CV

In todays session we did a bit of experimenting to what we can do for our CVs. First we got our boring written CVs with all the words and nicely laid out. We then were asked to make it the most terrible CV ever that wasn’t nice to look at. I found this interesting and straight away turned the text into comic sans. I then made all the text yellow and light blue background. This started to look really bad but still had too much order… I then found the borders and this took me back to year 6 me and recalled clip art and started adding in random shapes and images and just went mad with the text by changing shapes, fonts, sizes, colours and also word art. this truly made the CV the worse thing ever but made it more lively and interesting. I then moved on to making a new CV that is visually appealing. I looked into some graphic CVs that show the information clearly in a better way than just words. I am a design student so why have a boring wordy CV when I can design my own CV and show future employers what I can do when I put my mind to it.


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