Target Audience


My audience is based in Bournemouth to a group of people who are interested in the post apocalyptic horror and crisis about the world around them and what might happen in the future even if it is very unlikely to happen. I couldn’t just appel to a certain type of people for this app as if I had done so then the chances of my app may not be used and nobody would have seen the work I had placed into creating this app. This would mean there would be no appreciation for my work which isn’t good for any applications for funding and support for a business. This means that the subject matter needs to be something more broad that will interest a range of people who may also have different backgrounds. This can include large groups of people with the same interests because this all will benefit them. This can be either for making their life easier by offering a service that they can’t get better else where or entertains them in their spear time. As shown below I have come up with a Scenario followed by three personas of people that could use this app in the future as it would be beneficial to them and gain their interests. This has remained the same as the first assiment because I have stood by the same idea and nothing has changed


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