Evaluation on App Design

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 03.05.36For this project I was asked to continue the second half of Design Iterations where I was asked to build a functional Prototype for my IOS mobile application while including the design process from the first half into my designs on xcode. The Application had to store Geocached data and only be accessed when the users has entered that location and closes when you leave the said location. However, this project showed me problematic issue in which I then found ways to over come and work out thought the time spent on it.

The process of making the application has been a fun and interesting journey with lots of ups and downs throughout the whole project. Some of the good things to come out of my project was designing each page and making it relate to a storyline in which was so random and bazar. With my bazar story I was able to create some wacky designs along with some very interesting Geocached stories within my app. I did love designing however the coding was fun, Stressful but indeed fun. When you get a start on what you are doing you work out little things and start to get a wider knowledge of what you are doing. Leaning code cant be taught by reading it from a book, but placing it into a project where we decides what happens makes it more interesting and it really motivates you into looking online and talking to class mates on the different code we have gathered.

However when it comes to coding there is some down sides to it. There are just them moments when you want to slam your computer on the ground due to the frustration of not working. However with the update of my homepage was to improve my skill in coding but overall I feel it don’t look as nice and I only did it to make my app have more coding to experiment with ideas and all but unfortunately it turned out worse than I expected and just wish it had of worked. Other things such as the news pages could have been designed better with a nice layout. I was just trying to show what you can do but i’m improvement on design would not have hurt

Although my app dose do everything I was asked to do I still wished I could have added more features into my work. I feel that the app I have been improved more and not just reading stories. I think if I had more time I would have tried more with the regions and work out a way how I could get the user to approach a Balloon pin and then be click onto the story when in the area. Also I could improve my app by adding some useful functions for the users to use. As I had before in the design process I thought of adding a menu page and include a verity of pages. This could have made the app more useful but also it may make the app overloaded and would take some time. However if I had more time I would look into more ways of improving the app to make it more interesting

Seeing my app work for the 1st time made me so happy inside I couldn’t believe it, However I got this feeling many times throughout my testing process. Just to see the build successful and see that all the errors have gone away and you fixed it all by yourself is just the best feeling that keeps on repeating throughout the whole duration of coding. Overall I have loved my experience in creating an app for the first time. I do wish to continue designing and making these application and look forward for the next project to come. collargeballon


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