Gantt Chart

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 21.44.47Just like in the first half dossier I included a Gantt Chart on the time scale I wish to complete in a realistic manner. I changed the Gantt chart when I started this project because plans had changed and I thought I needed to make my time more efficiently and making sure I that all areas were covered with enough time to complete and make sure nothing is rushed and I have left extra time to improve my designs though experimenting ideas. At the start I had to still design the news pages to add to the app however in the end I made do with just adding numbers so I did the designs later on. This wasn’t a good idea as I should have just done the designs when I said I should have and the work wouldn’t be as rushed. But I didn’t want to fall back on the coding side and left the holidays for doing the news pages as I knew I wouldn’t need help with Photoshop. Everything else went smoothly and worked out nicely.


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