Evolution of my designs

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 03.01.28This project I have come a very long way from where I started. I can still recall spending hours drawing out ideas for what I wanted the app to even look like and now I have come so far with this. As I look though my work I can see my little pathetic idea of just some boxes with X’s inside meaning images and only drawn in pen. Since then I have come a long way. Passing thought the Photoshop stage where I basically made what I wanted the homepage to look like and placed it into an iPhone to look realistic. Then following thought to xcode and importing my Photoshop image to be fully functional for the app. I then had a change in heart to test new ways of displaying my idea in more exciting interesting ways. I then placed a map onto the page and placed pins for where the stories are based around. If I was to predict where I would be in 3 months at the start of this project, I would have never guessed I would have come so far and made a successful application.


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