Adding New Creations

I then thought I had finished the app but thought I should try and make my app more interesting seeing as I have some more time to play with. Although for my safty I then made this a branch on GitHub so I didn’t make the code go totally wrong. What I wanted to do was change the home page to display a map and follow the user location. As the user moves around Bournemouth they would then cross a floating balloon pin in different locations. You then can only click on that story when you are in that location. However, things don’t go to plan and came across a a few issues. First I made a mock up of what I was trying to make in Photoshop in the first image.


I then moved into xcode to make this reality. I then added mapkit and my balloon pointers that are in fact buttons and placed them onto the page. Then I noticed that that map wasn’t loading onto the app and then after fiddling about with the code for a while the map finally came up. I then clicked the user location button to make sure GPS follows the user around Bournemouth using the locations file I made where the user goes from the beach to the station up to uni and back to town. This was mainly so I can spread out all the stories I have for the app. Soon I found this could be a issue due to when you open the app the page zooms right in with the GPS and follows it around having the page constantly moving. This was an issue because I couldn’t attach my balloons to the pin to the map itself so it is hard to place them so the user can approach them. I then swapped it around to make lots of different pins where the GPS would go passed on its loop. This worked so far however when it came to me adding regions it just wouldn’t work for me and I couldn’t find a way how to make the pins link to my news stories so this unfortunately couldn’t work for me.


I then went to my last option which was making the map as an image then adding the balloon buttons on top of the map. I really didn’t want to do this but was the only way to keep the new design that I liked more that the original and means more stories can be added. But the GPS wont show where the user is, which is a sad thing as I liked that function on my work. Then I tested my app for another time to see that some pages where not in line and also two of the pin point where accidently swapped around so I switched them to the correct place. Finally Finished!


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