App Designing

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 15.14.13

The next stage I started trying to fix all of the small errors that will make my app so much better that before. I started by adding the AppIcon so that when I load up the application you will see my icon on the iPhones home screen. Though this was annoying having to make all the different sizes for each product the app could run on. After this I continued designing each news story about the Balloon Invasion. I did originally use the same images from the homepage on these pages as I wanted them to match but they were images from google so I switched them out with some photos I took in 2013 when I was on holiday in Bournemouth. This means they are not copyrighted and im able to use in my app. Although I would have to go back and change the homepage at a later date. Shortly after testing to see if all the pages where the right size I found out that when you click the fourth news button it then broke. But shortly fixed this issue as I accidently linked the button to something I shouldn’t have, after I unlinked it the app then worked. I then touched everything up hoping it all works. After testing this I tested the app and saw that my app indeed lets you only access the app unless you are at Bournemouth Pier. You then see an enter button and taken to the homepage with all the news articles displayed in front of you. Then you are able to click on any story and it will take you to that pelage displaying that story. Then finally when you leave the location you are kicked out of the App.Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.07.53


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