Lookin Back on MoSCoW


I then had completed what I needed to in the Application or so what I had thought. I then refered back to the MoSCow method I had created in the first half of this assiment. When it came to building the app I prioritised what I needed in the app by including all the must’s and worked my way down the list untill my app is able to all that I wanted it to do and also make sure that app don’t do anything I have placed on the wont list. I then over locked the document starting from MUST! List on what I thought my app needed at that piont. I would tent work my way downwards making sure I have not missed everything. However some of the requests I made are not possibel. I did say my app should be able to post stories from the user but this isnt possible as it has no relavence in my application because the user is reading about something that has alreaddy happened and had no need to post any stories. Also when it comes to what I Could have included the fact on adding 3G data, Translations and Reading out text isnt in my abilty however if I had more time I would expand my knoledge on how to do these things and then I could simply add them in.

Although with my wont section my app don’t allow users to capture media with it to publish geocaches and also send information outside of the app.Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 21.38.01


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