Application Xcode

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 13.15.37

I then moved onto the other pages for my News report application. Seeing as I didn’t have the pages made yet I added images with the numbers 1-9 to show what page would go where in my application and then I was able to link up with Segway’s to the pages with the main menu page. This is so at a later date when I have made the news pages I can just add them in as if it was like that from the start. I then had to add the Geocache information to make the app become a geocached application. I first added the location walking cycle into my work for the app to follow from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier and finally the Gardens. This was so I could set the geocache at Bournemouth pier so only when you are here you are able to access the application. I then made the app notify you that you have entered the Geocache and allows it to use your location. I had also added a Vibration onto this so the user can feel the notification as well as see it. I then also added the function here that the Enter button will only show when the user is at the Bournemouth Pier and then When the user leaves the button disappears. I carried on to then make the application kick you out when you leave the location but this got annoying when testing to see if the app worked or not co for now I commented it out to then place it back in when the app if fully working and no more editing is needed to be made.


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